With the Obamas starting their own production company to create films and shows for Netflix, it looks like 2-time presidential loser Hillary Clinton wants in on the action as well. It’s no secret that Hollywood and Democrat politicians work very closely with one another. In many cases such as late-night comedy, left-wing politicians work directly with Hollywood in order to push their message and agenda to a wide audience.

Well, now we can officially add Hillary and Chelsea Clinton to the list of Democrats who are taking over Hollywood. According to Bloomberg News, the Clinton’s have met with Hollywood studios regarding financing options for the company, which will focus on “stories by and about women.” The family hopes to use film and television to influence culture and society now that Hillary Clinton is out of politics. They plan to focus on stories by and about women.

Last year, Former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle created a production company, Higher Ground Productions, and have a deal at Netflix to produce multiple films and shows. Their first slate of shows includes an adaptation of Michael Lewis’s Anti-Trump book about federal bureaucracy and the failures of the Trump Administration. Obama said he wanted to create content for Netflix to help “train the next generation of leaders.”

It has yet to be revealed if the Clinton’s production studio will team with a streaming giant like Netflix or create content for theatrical releases. Like it or not, Democrats are going to have a stronghold over just about every film or TV show you watch for the foreseeable future.





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