Taylor Swift Completes Her Heel Turn On Her Conservative Fanbase

Remember when you liked Taylor Swift because she refused to be political?

Remember when you defended her when the left accused her of being a secret Trump Supporter and a darling of the dreaded ‘Alt-right’?

“I definitely think there are political undertones in the new music I made. I’m not planning to stop encouraging young people to vote and to try to get them to talk about what’s going on in our country. I think that’s one of the most important things I could do.” Taylor Swift told the German publication RTL.

Last October, just one day after ending of US Tour where she suckered conservatives out of millions of dollars, Swift went full 1991 Sgt. Slaughter and become an Iraqi sympathizer joining the Democrats in an attempt to unseat Republicans in the 2018 midterms. Her plan failed however as Marsha Blackburn won her Senate seat in a laugher. In April, the Tennessee Equality Project, a non-profit which advocates for the equal rights of LGBTQ people in the Volunteer State, announced Swift donated $113,000 to the group.

Here is a live look at Swift’s conservative fanbase:

Image result for you were the chosen one gif


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4 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Completes Her Heel Turn On Her Conservative Fanbase

  1. Purple hair and cats incoming. Her desirability has been falling like a rock. It’s sad that she must know she’s got a shelf life and is about to hit a wall. Maybe her shilling for the Hollywood establishment will extend her career a little bit.

    1. Celebrities on a downward career arc seem to get “woke” with amazing regularity. What really needs to be addressed is how to put a crimp in the pants of the multi-billionaire oligarchs who maintain the leftist status quo in the American media and entertainment industries.

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