The Following Piece Comes From Sonoran Conservative



It’s like they can’t stop it.

Liberals are all about hate.  They hate:

Trump and anything he supports or touches.

Billionaires and millionaires.

Middle class white people because they exercise privilege.

Poor white people because they have privilege.

Conservative people of color.

White conservatives.

Conservative Women.

Conservative LGBTQ.


Plastic bags.



Fetuses and newly born children.

The Patriarchy.

The American flag.

Men with a penis.

Women without a penis.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. Liberals have learned to hate more than they love.  Thank goodness for medical advances in psychotropic medications.

Oh, and they hate Ray Kroc, the man who gave us fast food. In fact, they really hate him because McDonald’s has not signed on the pledge of banning the most cruelest practices of harvesting chicken McNuggets, unlike their competitors.  McDonald’s is about as American as they come, which explains why they hate it.

But, in 2015, McDonalds went cage free!  They have been moving towards more cruelty free sources just as Chick-Fil-A did the year before.

And yet, here we are.



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