California Prepares Tax Breaks For Film Studios That Left California Taxes In The First Place

In a report from Breitbart, Democratic lawmakers in California have proposed a bill that would give tax breaks to Hollywood studios that refuse to film in states that have recently enacted stricter abortion laws such as Georgia and Alabama. Many of these studios have refused to film in California due to high costs.

Assembly Bill 1442 would allow tax breaks from January 2020 for companies that refuse to film in states with pending legislation or existing law that prohibits access to, criminalizes the provision of, or otherwise restricts a woman’s access to abortion services after 6 weeks from the beginning of the pregnancy or earlier.

“There are actors and actresses that are refusing to be part of a production in one of those states,” Democratic Assemblywoman Luz Rivas, who is sponsoring the proposed legislation, told CNBC. “I think it really puts pressure on the industry to reconsider whether they want to do business in those states.”

California film studios have fled the state in the last 15 years due to the high cost of production and the tax breaks offered from other states. Hollywood has since used their power to muscle states offering them tax breaks, in order to bring in the policies of the state (California) that they left in the first place. California is currently working on a way to bring their film studios back home, a move that could be a win/win for both sides. Hollywood could return to the politics that they adore and states with conservative values won’t have to be strong-armed by the industry.

“A lot of the entertainment industry has relocated to Georgia because that state was very competitive in their own state film tax credit,” Rivas continued. “We’re trying to further incentivize the entertainment industry that currently is filming in states with these strict abortion bans to come and do business in California and share our values.”

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