The Purge Continues: Facebook Shuts Down Bounding Into Comics Page

Less than one week after permanently banning multiple conservatives from their platform after calling them “too dangerous” to have on the site, Facebook has removed the popular Bounding Into Comics page which had over 250k+ followers before the shutdown. Bounding Into Comics, a popular news blog for movies, comics, games, and other sectors of entertainment, received a notice earlier today that their page had been removed from Facebook.

The page that had over 250,000 followers was removed without warning and was given no reason for its removal. Bounding Into Comics had recently had a post removed because it violated “the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.” Shortly after that message, the entire page was pulled.

John F. Trent, who runs the site, says that he was not provided with any actual concrete examples of the alleged violation that could have lead to his shutdown, but states that he was likely targeted due to the content his site covers online such as Marvel Comics’ treatment of their customer base and inflammatory comments made by celebrities. You can read John’s full explanation here.

Bounding Into Comics is currently still active on Twitter and YouTube as it looks into it’s Facebook situation. As social media platforms continue to purge dissidents from being able to affect popular culture, the needs for alternatives has only become stronger as censorship continues to grow.

Please look into supporting a few listed platform alternatives

Bitchute (Alternative to Youtube)

Minds (Alternative to Facebook)

Dailymotion (Alternative to Youtube)


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7 thoughts on “The Purge Continues: Facebook Shuts Down Bounding Into Comics Page

  1. This has gone beyond random acts of leftism, it’s pretty clearly a strategy being implemented associated with employing their company as a large political actor in the next elections. The digital robber barons are now a monolithic left wing political force, joining the news media and probably using their near monolithic leftist control as a model. In the 50s, the actually Liberal left was very anti-big business, both from the POV of opposing large non citizen actors in politics as well as their labor associations. The left has now adopted big business as their own political block and ignoring the effects of that threatens to move the political levers of power away from the people and into the hands of the multi-billionaires. Teddy Roosevelt, our nation turns it’s weary eyes to you and your trust busting goodness.

  2. Don’t forget Gab as an alternative to Twitter. And the Brave browser (plus a soon to be released Dissenter browser) as an alternative to Chrome and Firefox. Now I just need a phone alternative to Android and iPhone.

    1. The dissenter browser is already released, I’m writting this comment using it. Look at their Tweeter for the link.

      1. I installed Dissenter in Firefox – then it disappeared. I understand Firefox nuked it.

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