Why Conservatives (and Libertarians) CONTINUE To Lose The Culture War

There are times that I sound like a broken record.

And there are times that I wish that I didn’t. As someone who writes about Entertainment and Hollywood, the question often comes, why is Hollywood completely controlled by the left? Why are all the most outspoken celebrities in Hollywood liberal? Why are all the late night comedians liberals? Why are all shows on television either promoting left-wing values or condemning conservatives? Why do films with a heavy liberal slant seemly have no issue finding funding for their projects while films with a conservative view have to crowdfund to even get made? Why is every social media giant in the world colluding to ban anyone they feel is too ‘right wing’? You realize very quickly going down this rabbit hole that the answer to many of these questions is that the right whether you are talking about conservatives or libertarians control absolutely nothing.

We control nothing. We create nothing. We don’t even support the very little that we do control. But we sure know how to complain about playing by the left’s rules while doing nothing to change the game. This week, I ran across a video from conservative commentator Mahgdalen Rose, who was discussing the recent news about Barack and Michelle Obama’s plan to produce several documentaries for kids and adults for the streaming giant Netflix. Rose, brings up a devastating point that not many people on the right want to face. The Obamas now have access push their agenda to over 148 million people worldwide, including 60 million people right here in the United States heading into the 2020 election…and there is nothing conservatives can do about it because they control nothing.

Now the Obamas are claiming that their shows are not going to be ‘political’, but I believe that as much as I believe “if I like my doctor, I can keep my doctor”. Of course, their shows are going to be political, it’s not like they are creating action flicks and rom coms. They are creating content specially made to mold minds into their worldview and they now have up to 148 million people to shape. Now conservatives will claim that they will cancel their Netflix subscriptions in protest, but that doesn’t change the fact the Obamas now control a massive platform over nearly 150 million people and they don’t.

Earlier today, social media giants Facebook and Instagram colluded to ban right-wing personalities such as Laura Loomer and Paul Joseph Watson from their platforms not because they broke any rules, it’s because the platforms have decided that they are ‘too dangerous’ to have a voice. Steven Crowder is currently fighting to keep his YouTube channel on the platform while media giants Disney and Warner Music try to take him down while YouTube itself turns a blind eye. It is even getting to the point that soon banks and credit companies will consider you ‘unworthy’ to do business with them.

The problem is and has always been conservatives are not committed to creating content and platforms to challenge the left, hell they don’t even choose to support the alternatives that actually exist. In order to create a culture, we need people who are not only committed to creation but committed to fighting for that creation. Fighting is hard, fighting is exhausting. Most conservatives would rather complain about the unfairness of Facebook than move to a platform like Minds. Most conservatives would rather put up with Youtube’s algorithm and censorship than move to outlets like Dailymotion and Bitchute. Most conservatives would rather spend their money on a Netflix subscription to support a platform in which 95% of the content is not favorable to their worldview than spend money on Pureflix because well, they don’t like the content.

Complacency is the #1 reason why the right would rather waste time, money, and resources fighting to keep a spot on left-wing platforms that don’t want them in the first place, rather than create and support their own and give like-minded creators a place to thrive and be wanted. Most conservatives refuse to even accept the fact that they are in a fight with people who wish to not only kill their voice but their livelihoods as well. Conservatives believe that they are better off fighting for ‘fairness’ of a company that shows them nothing but contempt. Others believe that this is a fight for ‘free speech’ when it is not. Forcing left-wing companies to play nice with people they hate isn’t any more ‘free’ than the system we have. These people CLEARLY despise us so why are we begging them for mercy? Because they hold the power and we hold nothing, and it will continue to be that way until we create not only for the sake of our voice but for our survival.

Until we commit people with creative minds, financial means, and the willingness to fight back against the left’s corporate juggernauts…nothing will change. Conservatives and libertarians will continue to be snuffed out one by one until there is nobody left to challenge our progressive overlords and it won’t be THEIR fault, it will be ours.

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8 thoughts on “Why Conservatives (and Libertarians) CONTINUE To Lose The Culture War

  1. Interesting article. How much do you wanna bet that next decade, if or when the identity politics trend does die down, the far left progressives will tackle age next? I guarantee you the identity politics trend will be replaced with the age politics trend next decade. And the far left progressives will be pushing that.

  2. Erh, bullshit.

    The author of the article viewing the current situation without the context of history and blaming “doing nothing” on conservatives and libertarians by not creating right wing content and platform.

    Initially the platforms currently controlled by the left were supposed to be inclusive where everyone had a voice, hence why there was no real need for competing platforms.

    We’ve been using these platforms so long they’ve became part of the virtual presence of every modern day individual.

    Sure, having options is nice, but even if I’ve had an Oscar worthy content and actors and founding, I could upload it to the alternative platforms and it’d still achieve nothing. It’d be probably downloaded by someone and uploaded it to YouTube.

    The problem isn’t in the creation but in that people on the center and right actually believed in the concept of everyone having a voice on the most known platforms and so in the name of free speech allowed the left to grow because everyone means everyone, even people we disagree with.

    The fault in the center and right is only having the belief in people listening to reason and common sense,along with trying to get everyone on even footing and noticing too late that everyone else is working on removing center and right from the conversation.

    I’m not well versed in sociology, but I’m sure the answer to a leftist echo chamber is not in the creation of an echo chamber of our own.

    That’ll only breed more separation, animosity and hostility toward each other instead of a conversation.

    The question is only if the right should just let the left get so bad that even the most woke people would notice that maybe the blind following of left isn’t going to make things better, or the right should aggressively pushing back against the takeover of these platforms?

    Honestly at this point the raise of right wing politicians seem to be a natural event that works like a kind of immune reaction to an infection.

    There is a reason why Trump got elected and why nationalist leaders in the EU getting popular. Its the natural pushback against the left’s growing hostility.

  3. The fact that you’re writing this article with this thesis means you have no idea how long ago we’ve really lost the culture war, at least as far as films are concerned. Follow the money. See where the funding ultimately comes from, and what all those corporations and banks have in common. I’d say more, but you’d probably accuse me of being something without having all the context to understand the true implications of that accusation.

  4. Thought experiment. How did the left media survive when the mainstream was “conservative” in the 50s and early 60s? By producing much smaller but very attractive media that appealed greatly to their marginalized customers. They didn’t produce doctrinaire obviously left wing sitcoms because nobody would have watched. They produced “Playboy Magazine” and “Playboy After Dark”. They were attacked by the right but they were popular and walked the line between what would be censored and what wouldn’t. They were also dangerously “intellectual” which made them even more attractive to people who thought they were smart for supporting them. An example (without the intellectualism) is 4chan today. It’s been such a big draw because it’s dangerous, counter cultural and it’s sexy.

    Comicsgate is a decent model to begin with, but it needs to be expanded to other media and become much less derivative. It also needs to be sexier, more cis hetero and more intellectual.

  5. Because right-wingers are independent thinkers, so we naturally disagree on a great many issues. The only thing evident to all of us is that leftists are insane, and getting more insane at an accelerating rate.

    Leftists are herd thinkers. Their prime objective is not truth but power, so they all change their opinions in unison as soon as they sense the herd shifting toward a new consensus. The direction of the herd’s next move is unknowable — if leftists knew what they’ll be demanding five years hence (legalize pedophilia? voting rights for animals?), they’d be demanding it right now. But it generally involves some sort of material handout, granting of privilege, or relaxation of moral opprobrium that benefits a particular group of people and secures their loyalty to the leftist coalition.

    Leftism is the entropy that eats civilization, shits it out, and then starves to death. Survivors then build a new civilization wherein all leftists are summarily executed, but as this society accumulates wealth, its vigilance slackens and leftist ideas start to gain currency again. It’s the eternal cycle of history.

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