YouTube Threatens To Remove Steven Crowder’s Channel For ‘Copyright Violations’

It looks like Steven Crowder’s march to 4 Million YouTube subscribers is now in serious jeopardy. In a video entitled, ‘Louder with Crowder: CANCELLED?!’, Conservative comedian Steven Crowder, announced that due to multiple hard copyright strikes that were issued in the last week, the future of his channel is in serious doubt.

A few weeks back, Crowder did a Donald Trump/Kiss parody song called ‘Dr. Trump’ on one of his weekly Youtube episodes. The parody video has gone on to receive not one, but three copyright violation strikes from Warner Music Group. YouTube’s rules state that three copyright strikes would lead to a channel being completely removed from the platform. While Crowder’s team in still in negotiations with the site, it is worth noting that the song in question was an original parody of a Kiss song and falls within ‘fair use’.

Two months ago, Crowder had his Academy Awards Livestream taken down by Disney who later rescinded the copyright claim, but the strike left Crowder unable to broadcast his show on Youtube during the ceremony. YouTube has banned many conservative creators on their platform as have many other Social Media giants. Crowder himself was named in a Project Veritas investigation which saw Facebook purposely deboost his page from public viewing.

If Crowder’s channel is removed from YouTube, many will see this has another example of social media silencing conservative voices, especially as the 2020 Presidential Election race is beginning to take shape.

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6 thoughts on “YouTube Threatens To Remove Steven Crowder’s Channel For ‘Copyright Violations’

  1. If social media does silence Steven Crowder, all that’s going to do is backfire on these platforms and actually help Donald Trump get re-elected in 2020. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube will have no one to blame but themselves for censoring conservative/Libertarian voices that Trump’s going to have a talk with them for they’re bias with Regressive Socialists.

  2. It’s not about politics. Youtube silenced even gaming channels (talking about serious channels here, for instance TotalBiscuit, may he rest in peace, had a lot of problems with Youtube for fake copyright violations), not just conservative channels…

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