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Netflix Virtue Signals Over, Wait For It, Chick-Flicks (By Jacob Airey)

Netflix decided to bend the knee to the woke-scolds. No, this is not from a satirical or parody account, this is a real thing.

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Netflix decided to bend the knee to the woke-scolds. No, this is not from a satirical or parody account, this is a real thing. From their Netflix Films Twitter verified account, the streaming company attacked the term ‘chick flick.’ Their tweets implied that it is was somehow sexist to address romantic comedies by their nickname. Here is the first tweet:



Oh, but the Netflix Film account only gets better, according to Twitchy. They do not slow down. In six tweet rant, the company just can’t stop, won’t stop. In the bizarre rant, whoever wrote it claims that calling movies ‘chick flicks’ not ‘intersectional’ and making the films seem ‘trivial.’ This is a sad case of a film company not knowing its own audience. While it is true that a man can enjoy a romantic comedy, no one can deny that the primary audience for that particular genre is female and there’s nothing wrong with it.


In one of the most oblivious tweets, Netflix said, “You don’t hear people asking to watch “man movies.’” That is obviously not true. Guys enjoy a certain kind of genre as well. There is a reason ‘father and son’ movie nights are filled with war movies and adventure films. Again, there is nothing wrong with that. Two different genders have different tastes. Is there crossover? Absolutely! But we should be okay with the fact that men and women have different tastes. We complement each other with our different tastes and that is something worth celebrating, not downplaying.


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5 comments on “Netflix Virtue Signals Over, Wait For It, Chick-Flicks (By Jacob Airey)

  1. Anonymous

    *Starts laughing* Wow Netflix’s really desperate to lose to both Disney+ and AppleTV+ as well as Amazon Prime now aren’t they?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Big Ramifications

    If we could find the parallel universe where chick flicks are to be found in the “WAR!” section, they’d be farking whining about that too.

    It’s been 20 years of non stop farking whining. Jesus. How about the sistaz STFU for a year or 2 and put some runs on the board.


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