Hellboy Writer Andy Cosby Doubles Down Against Trump Supporters As His Film BOMBS At The Box Office

It is no surprise that after critics shredded the latest Hellboy film for it’s poor writing and poor direction, that the movie would severely underperform at the box office. The reboot finished at #3 this weekend with only 12 million dollars generated which is 8 million dollars less than the 20 million dollar projection from earlier in the week. The poor reviews and box office failure has not fazed the writer of the film, Andy Cosby, who instead of promoting his film, spent most of the weekend continuing to slam President Trump and his supporters on Twitter.

Madman Films

“Just want to make sure I’ve got this right. Calling people who support an overtly racist political agenda racists is bad. But grabbing women by their genitals, paying off prostitutes and porn stars, making fun of someone’s disability and openly mocking a war hero… that’s okay?”

Andy then continued to argue against Trump Supporters directly when questioned about his statements.

“Is that really your definition of racism? Someone has to actually come out and say they hate black people?!? That’s absurd and willfully ignorant. Moreover, it’s offensive to the millions of people who deal with systemic racism on a daily basis.”

It is unlikely that Hellboy (2019) will get another of a boost from the oversea market to get back their 50 million dollar production budget for the film making it a certified box office dud…Get Woke…Go Broke.

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One thought on “Hellboy Writer Andy Cosby Doubles Down Against Trump Supporters As His Film BOMBS At The Box Office

  1. So this evil asshole would rather run his far left mouth on Twitter than make money at the box office? And he shares a propaganda article at the New York Times(a garbage news outlet)? Get Woke Go Broke is right, you should never attack half of your customers, but Hollywood just doesn’t get the memo. Also Trump’s NOT a dictator, if anything, Hollywood and the Left Wing media(pop culture included) are the ones acting like dictators.

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