‘Hellboy’ Writer Andy Cosby Attacks Trump Supporters As His Film Is Shredded By Critics

Screenwriter of the latest Hellboy film, Andy Cosby will be the first to tell you that he despises President Donald Trump and his supporters almost as much as critics despise his latest film. The reboot of the once Ron Perlman lead franchise which is out in theaters this Friday is not getting a warm reception. According to Bounding With Comics, the early reviews of the film have come in and they are not good. The movie currently is sitting at a 11% Rotten Tomatoes score with critics and a 35 on Metacritc. Many critics are calling out the film’s writing as the reason for the abysmal reviews, some calling out Cosby by name.

Alan Zilberman at The Washington Post gives the film a 1.5/4. He writes,

Marshall and screenwriter Andrew Cosby went overboard with their R-rating, introducing so much gore and profanity that it, quite frankly, gets dull. The flat performances and incoherent story do not help matters.

Johnny Oleksinski of the New York Post says

The race for worst movie of the year is heating up. You could even say it’s hotter than hell, now that “Hellboy” has taken the lead. This awful, disgusting, unfunny, idiotically plotted comic book flick offends the senses as much as the rankest subway car on the hottest summer day.

John DeFore of the Hollywood Reporter says

Hellboy himself suspects he might fail when put to the test but where this self-doubt might make him a charismatically brooding, wounded hero, Cosby’s script sees Hellboy more as an angsty teenager, throwing dull tantrums in Broom’s office.

Madman Films

The early word on the film is not pretty but none of that is certain to Cosby who has more important issues to deal with…Trump supporters on Twitter. Cosby has spent alot of time online recently with some spicy takes on Trump supporters calling them dumb “and smart” racists among other things.

“It’s a mistake to assume all Trump supporters are stupid. There are plenty of smart racists out there as well.”

Cosby later made it know that he has no plans of backing down because he has the biggest film of the weekend.

“Sorry. Not willing to curb my personal or political views to bolster my career or for the sake of financial gain. We’ve already got a President who does plenty of that.”

“One of my anti-Trump tweets has supporters in an uproar and they are now threatening to boycott my new movie. That’s okay. They already have their own demonic superhero. The rest of us choose . His hands are bigger anyway. Especially the right one.”

“Dear Trump supporters, I’m sorry if my recent tweet offended you. Please still go see the movie. You’ll love it. A demon wins in this one, too. He’s even orange in a certain light.”

The Hellboy reboot hits theaters on April 12th.


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7 thoughts on “‘Hellboy’ Writer Andy Cosby Attacks Trump Supporters As His Film Is Shredded By Critics

  1. Uff… I’m more interested in why the movie is considered terrible than in Trump-related discussions! Have you seen Hellboy? I usually enjoy Neil Marshall’s movies, so I was considering going to the cinema for this one!

  2. Neil Marshall even probably wouldn’t want to work for this asshole anymore after this. How much do you wanna bet this asshat will blame Trump supporters if his Hellboy reboot bombs at the box office?

  3. Based on the numerous instances of this kind of conservative bash by media minions, it would appear the artists who most fear for their jobs are the ones throwing the most poo. I assume this is because if they can’t appeal to a mass audience due to poor product, they go for the SJW “niche” market. This consisting of well healed leftists who will purchase an inferior product as a political act against the demon Trump supporters. AKA the same people who support monolithic left wing late night “comedy”.

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