The Daily Beast Attacks Chris Evans’s ‘Non-Partisan’ Website As A Threat To Journalism

Progressive actor Chris Evans has started a ‘non-partisan’ political site to hear both sides of the argument…so what does the Progressive news outlet The Daily Beast do? Attack the idea for daring to be non-partisan.


Chris Evans attempt to bring both sides to the table may seem disingenuous given the fact that when he announced his new site, he also said that he couldn’t be friends with a Trump Supporter as well as threatened to ‘cut ties’ with 6 Time Superbowl Champion Tom Brady for his possible Trump Support. Nonetheless, Evans was inspired to create this site that would “get both sides of an issue in a succinct way that he can trust.” The Daily Beast wrote an opinion piece trashing the idea before it even has seen the light of day because his site may allow discussion on topics that THEY believe, there should be NO discussion about.

The piece states:

Not all political issues in contemporary America have more than one “side.”
Here are some issues on which you might benefit from understanding different positions:
  • Medicare for All/Universal Healthcare/Single Payer
  • Open borders
  • Free college
  • Universal basic income
Here are some issues that do not fall under that category:
  • White nationalism
  • Tracking the menstrual cycles of imprisoned immigrant girls to prevent them from obtaining abortions
  • Putting immigrant children in cages
  • Separating immigrant children from their parents and then losing track of their origins so that they can’t be reunited

The piece right of the bat begins with an extremely disingenuous premise. The ‘approved’ discussions that they endorse are all left-wing issues such as Open Borders and Free Money. Meanwhile, the discussions that they ‘don’t approve of’ are right wing strawmen arguments such as “putting children in cages and white nationalism”. The writer is essentially saying that their issues are moral and ‘the other sides’ issues are immoral.

First off, only a progressive would tell you that the key issue of their opponent is whether or not to put kids in cages.  This comes from a long debunked narrative that the Trump Administration were locking illegal children in cages using photos that were actually dated back to the Obama Administration. Despite this, the left has continued to blame Trump for photos that happened 3 years before his presidency. Secondly, how can you assume that your opponent wishes to support ‘white nationalism’ when you haven’t brought him to the table to discuss? It’s because the left doesn’t want a discussion, they want conformity.


The piece continues by slamming the idea of a non-partisan site as an attack against journalism because corporate news outlets are not allowed to ‘fact check’ the claims made by politicians.

Now here we have Chris Evans telling politicians he’s got a bunch of questions for them, but “if you don’t like any of ‘em, we’ll skip ‘em” and “if you don’t like any of your answers, we can do ‘em over.”
This isn’t accountability. This is simply giving politicians a new platform to push their agendas. And the idea that a website like this is where you’ll get news without “spin” feeds into the misconception that has weakened journalism to a truly frightening degree.
Journalists do not “spin.” They report. Political spokespersons “spin.” Politicians “spin.” Pundits “spin.” It feels like this was something we used to understand, and I’m not sure why we don’t anymore.

Journalists do not spin…they report. Let’s look some big ticket items the media ‘reported’ on in 2019 alone:

  • Covington High School kids “Bullying” a Native American Man
  • Jussie Smollett Hate Crime
  • The Buzzfeed/Cohen Bombshell
  • Russia/Trump Investigation
  • Trump ‘Doctored’ A Video Of Joe Biden hugging himself
  • Trump calls “All immigrants” animals (when referring to MS-13…last year)

Yep, Journalists just report…they have no biases.


At the end of the day, Evans’s idea of a neutral platform will never work for the left because open discussion is a threat to the narrative. They don’t want to discuss, they want to tell you what ‘the truth’ is and then they want you to accept it. This is why there is such a push to silence conservative personalities on social media, it’s not because they are a threat to America, they are a threat to the left.

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2 thoughts on “The Daily Beast Attacks Chris Evans’s ‘Non-Partisan’ Website As A Threat To Journalism

  1. The Daily Beast is nothing more than a far left terrorist website pretending to be a “news” website. They even did a hit piece on the Proud Boys leader(who’s half black, half Cuban mind you) and he’s losing his bank account because of this far left terrorist website! Also Journalism is pretty much dead in the left wing news outlets. They just hire progressive activists/bloggers at this point. So yeah, explain that Daily Beast!

  2. Uh oh. Looks like Chris may have found out that having that Captain America image while publicly hoping most conservatives are obliterated is bad for those future acting jobs. Particularly true when you’re not much of an actor to begin with. Normally actors with a similar body of work, like Stalone and Arnold, get all huggy with the right and their movies reflect it. Here’s a picture of “not a rocket scientist” Chris attempting to get back in the good graces of the half of the country he spit on while maintaining those oh so important ties to the extreme left Hollywood management. Sorry Chris, when you make a deal with the devil you have to give the devil his due – or the Daily Beast as the case may be.

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