Despite little marketing for the Pro-life film Unplanned, a movie that was marred with an R rating and typical negative reviews from mainstream outlets, the film still overcame and drew an impressive 6.5 million dollars opening weekend (despite only being in just over 1000 theaters nationwide). But to the surprise of no one, the pro-abortion Hollywood machine was not happy and sent out one of their many late night attack dogs to disavow it.

Late night ‘comedian’ Samantha Bee went after the film for being “anti-choice”

This weekend anti-choice propaganda movie surprised audiences with a not awful showing at the box office. It’s obviously ridiculous and no one should see it, but the trailer is honestly wonderful. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t waste precious time talking about a movie so bad, it makes ‘A Christmas Prince 2: Royal Wedding’ look like ‘Citizen Kane 2: A Christmas Cane’.

Bee was particularly upset that Vice President Mike Pence tweeted to his followers to go see the film.

This is incredibly embarrassing, especially when you consider how low our is for Vice-President right now.

Bee concluded by stating that the film is inspiring “real and terrifying laws” in certain states but doesn’t exactly explain why. You see states are beginning to ban abortion after a heartbeat is detected within the baby, this happens typically within 6-7 weeks of the child’s cycle. This has Hollywood furious who are all about abortion and the ‘choice’ to terminate that life when the baby is inconvenient to the mother. Over 100 Hollywood celebrities are now threatening to boycott the state of Georgia (a state they moved to when far-left California became too expensive to produce their content there) due to their new heartbeat bill but so far, Georgia is unfazed by their threats.

Clearly, progressives like Samantha Bee are worried that they are starting to lose the debate on abortion and they fear that films like Unplanned are the reason they are losing that narrative. Unplanned remains in theaters now.




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