Mark Hamill Butthurt Sen. Mike Lee Used Star Wars To Mock The Green New Deal

Democrats and Progressives are SO ANGRY that Republicans are openly mocking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’ which calls for such things as banning air travel, banning cars, and free money for people unwillingly to work that even Luke Skywalker himself has been forced to come in and condemn those using Star Wars to mock it.

The Green New Deal is a complete joke of a bill is so bad that even Democrats themselves refused to support it because they would rather die than be on record supporting this dumpster fire. On Monday, Tea Party Caucus member Senator Mike Lee from Utah publicly treated the bill like every other rational person did…like a joke.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, Lee delivered a speech complete with Star Wars references, Aquaman cartoons, and Ronald Reagan on a velociraptor to colleagues Tuesday that he said addressed the Green New Deal “with the level of seriousness it deserves.”

“This is a picture of former President Ronald Reagan firing a machine gun while riding on the back of a dinosaur,” Lee said, introducing a drawing by artist Jason Heuser. “You will note both the rocket launcher strapped to his back, and the stirring patriotism of the velociraptor holding up the tattered American flag.”
“This image has as much to do with overcoming Soviet communism in the 20th century as the Green New Deal has to do with overcoming climate change in the 21st,” he added. “The aspirations of the proposal have been called radical and extreme. But mostly they are ridiculous.”

At one point if his speech, Lee sought to highlight some of the ridiculous policy ideas associated with the Green New Deal, including banning airplanes in which, he said, Alaskans would have to navigate their state on tauntauns (a species of snow lizard found roaming the windswept snow plains of Hoth in the Star Wars Universe)

“Not only are tauntauns carbon-neutral, but according to one report ‘a long time ago’ and ‘far, far away,’ they may even be fully recyclable for their warmth on especially cold nights,” Lee said.

This caught the anger of Star Wars actor Mark Hamill, a vocal progressive who has spoken out against Republicans for much of the Trump Administration didn’t appreciate Lee using Star Wars to make Democrats the butt of the joke.

Please tell me this is photoshopped.
I was foolish to think this was photoshopped. Had I recognized that this guy was a Republican, I would have instantly realized this was his argument against Global Warming.
Dena @DrDenaGrayson, I did see that crap. Don’t worry about it! I’m using an oversized photo of @SenMikeLee as a prop to push my () agenda.

The Green New Deal failed to pass a procedural vote in the Senate. The final vote was 57 against and no one for the plan, with 43 Democrats voting present. But it still hasn’t damaged the legacy of Star Wars worse than The Last Jedi did.

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2 thoughts on “Mark Hamill Butthurt Sen. Mike Lee Used Star Wars To Mock The Green New Deal

  1. It’s pretty clear that if Hamill wants to continue playing Jake Skywalker that he will have to toe the leftist line. This involves tweeting anti-Republican stuff on a regular basis.

  2. Mark just because you were in Star Wars doesn’t mean you get to say who gets to use things from it or not.

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