Jordan Peele Confirms ‘The Twilight Zone’ Is Going To Be Another ‘Woke’ Reboot

“How does it feel to have lived long enough to see all of your favorite franchises go down in flames?”

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I wrote this line back in September in response to the number of Hollywood reboots of old franchises that decided instead of following the formula that made people fans of the original series in the first place, that they would use those franchises to push a progressive left-wing agenda in their stories and we have now confirmed that the 2019 reboot of The Twilight Zone executive produced by Jordan Peele will be no different.

If watching the trailer for the upcoming series which showed a literal child in the white house as one of their stories wasn’t a dead giveaway of that this reboot was going to touch on issues important to progressives and nobody else, a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that. Executive producers Simon Kinberg and Jordan Peele confirmed that the reason the reboot of the popular series was greenlit was directly related to the election of Donald Trump in 2016. Peele said:

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“I sat down with Simon a couple years ago, and we did the whole, ‘OK, well, this is too big a show to reboot, but if we were going to do it, how would we do it?’ And one of the things that we kept coming back to was that the timing felt right. Because one of the sentences you hear often, like once a week for the past couple of years, is it feels like we’re living in the fucking Twilight Zone,” Peele said.
Kinberg agreed. “I think the world, all of a sudden, was in desperate need of The Twilight Zone. If I told you three or four years ago that a reality star would be the president with access to the nuclear codes, you would’ve been like, ‘That is a crazy episode of The Twilight Zone.'”

Other stars of the series including loudmouth progressive Ike Barinholtz and Steven Yeun confirmed they stories will be addressing ‘important issues’ that affect our country today.

Ike Barinholtz noted that his entry into the series focuses on something that he sees as a very real threat. “It definitely dealt with the overall theme of toxic masculinity, which I will say we’re definitely being strangled with.”
Yeun added that the fact the show was trying to “do something” was part of what drew him to it. “It was really one of those things where it was like, cool, people are really trying to say something, really trying to do something. Not just caught up in this fog, this plethora of riches that we have in this world to consume. Instead, we’re taking the time to make something that says something.”
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As I wrote in an editorial entitled Are ‘Woke’ Reboots Hollywood’s Attempt To Rewrite History? Hollywood is hellbent on changing everything you like whether YOU like it or not. The latest woke reboot is set to premiere April 1, 2019 on the streaming service, CBS All Access.

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10 thoughts on “Jordan Peele Confirms ‘The Twilight Zone’ Is Going To Be Another ‘Woke’ Reboot

  1. I say it time for Donald Trump to do a full on investigation on Hollywood, the mainstream media and these people and get rid of this socialist garbage their obsessed with. Also “toxic masculinity” DOESN’T exist Ike!!! Good god this man needs to go! And I will not be surprised if this reboot ends up getting woke and then going broke. #GetWokeGoBroke

  2. I don’t mean to be nasty to Ike Barinholtz, I just think he’s clueless if he thinks “toxic masculinity” exist when common sense people like myself know it doesn’t. And I still believe Hollywood and the mainstream media(news, comics, video games, amine etc.) need to be investigated by the Trump administration and the FBI because I’m so tired of these commies constantly playing the race & gender narrative. Women and minorities should not be treated as pawns, they should be treated like ordinary human beings! Is it that hard? #GetWokeGoBroke

  3. It’s fantastically meta that anon’s comments belong in an episode of ‘The Twilight Zone.’

    1. Well, I’m just tired of this false narrative the media keeps using. I don’t want to see this progressive narrative anymore.

  4. I guess I should have just given up hope on having the Twilight Zone try to capture the zeitgeist of the old show the minute Peele signed on.

    You had to know that he was going to take something iconic and turn it into a social justice lecture series.

  5. Can’t anyone make an entertaining film without injecting their politics into it these days?

    These quasi-didactic movies are getting really banal.

  6. I’m starting to think his career is taking the M. Night Shamalan path. Get Out was good without being too preachy. Us was weird and preachy. And I’m still gonna watch Twilight zone the same way I still saw the happening and lady in the water, drunk and laughing.

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