Democrat Political Hero Cardi B Admits To Drugging and Robbing Men

Well apparently The Purge has become a reality because now that the City of Chicago has legalized crime for famous Democrat celebrities, Rapper Cardi B has now revealed that she use to drug former Johns at her strip club in order to rob them.

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In an Instagram Live video, the Grammy-winning rapper said she drugged and robbed men when she worked as a stripper…this is real life

“I had to go strip, I had to go, ‘Oh yeah, you want to fuck me? Yeah yeah yeah, let’s go back to this hotel,’ and I drugged niggas up and I robbed them. That’s what I used to do.”

Anyone with the IQ higher than a bag of churros were quick to point out that…

Cardi B became a hero to Democrat Politicians and Celebrities after she attacked Trump supporters back in January during the government shutout. Just like Jussie Smollett, Democrats only pick the best celebrities to lecture you common folk about morals and intelligence.

Single Mother ✅

High School Education ✅

Stripper Turned Rapper ✅

Possible Felon✅

Borderline Illiterate ✅

Ratchet ✅

No Concept How Taxes Work ✅

Yep, Conservatives and Libertarians should take a nice hard look at what a model citizens looks like. Don’t expect any serious trouble for the rapper because she has the ‘right’ opinions and as long as you do, people are willingly to look the other way even if you admit to the crime.


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