Jim Jefferies’s Anti-Islamic Comments Exposed After Comedian Releases A Hit Piece On YouTubers

Earlier this week, comedian Jim Jefferies did his best ‘Hate Night Comedy’ routine in an effort to link right-wing YouTubers to the Christchurch, New Zealand shooting which killed 50 people. Jefferies thought he could score some political points smearing Youtubers by directly linking them to the attack. Jefferies conducted an interview with Jewish content creator Avi Yemini, an interview that pointed the finger at Yemini for the radicalization of the man who slaughtered Muslims in New Zealand last week. The interview even got picked up by The Hollywood Reporter as Jefferies continued to link the shooter to Donald Trump and his “anti-immigration” policies.



The problem with this, however, is that the entire segment with Yemini was not only misquoted completely out of context, but the interview in question took place months before the shooting ever occurred. Yemini took to Youtube to expose the fact that he sat down with Jefferies nearly 3 months ago and it wasn’t until the Christchurch shooting that Jim used that footage to make it seem like Yemini was directly defending the attack. But that wasn’t the only bombshell, Yemini also secretly recorded the interview that took place proving that not only did Jefferies lie about the context of the interview but made some anti-Islamic comments of his own that were of course edited out of the Comedy Central show.

According to One Angry Gamer, The video shows Jefferies making the following remarks against the Muslim faith.


“I’m not a big fan of Islam. […]

“I think that wearing a burqa is stupid and demeaning and all those things.”

The two also discuss which one is dangerous, a dingo or Islam. They both agree that dingos and Islam are dangerous. Yemini notes that a dingo ate a baby – Jefferies cut in and said if a dingo ate a “bloody Muslim baby” it would probably vomit it, to which Yemini recoils and says…

“No… I don’t actually agree with that shit. […] That’s not funny. You’re talking about fucking killing kids. That’s crossing a line. There’s a fucking line.”

Jefferies attempts to smooth it over by hand-waving away the exchange, to which he likely wanted to bait Yemini into furthering the joke to make him look bad during the segment but Yemini didn’t bite. Jefferies then says…

“We’ll edit this bit out. I never look bad in these interviews.”



Yemini has promised to release more videos in the coming days to expose even more comments that Jim made while he thought the footage wouldn’t make air. This is not the first time Jim has been busted in a hit piece. Last July, he invited Youtuber Diversity & Comics aka Richard Meyer for an interview during Comic-Con in San Diego. That interview was later pulled after widespread negative reaction on the internet.


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