Former Disney Actress Carly Schroeder Ditches Hollywood For The Military

Former Lizzie McGuire actress Carly Schroeder is leaving the acting business to pursue a career in the US Army in an effort to take a stand against human trafficking and advocate for US Veterans. Schroeder, 28 who played Melina Bianco in the Disney Channel series in an interview with TMZ says that she has been considering this move for a long time.

“I’ve been considering it for a while and it is a big choice, but thankfully my parents and my little brother were very supportive of me. My dad was actually in the Army, he was a Green Beret medic, and my little brother Hunter, he’s in the Marines now.”

Carly says she’s passionate about giving aid to veterans and the homeless and rescuing human trafficking victims. The best way to do both, according to her enlist in the Army and learn some skills to make it happen. Schroeder officially announced the news in an Instagram post back in February.

For 22 years, I’ve played dress up for a living. As an actress I’ve been kidnapped, gone blind, nearly eaten by lions and murdered on more than one occasion,’ she posted alongside an image of her in army gear. ‘I tormented Lizzie McGuire’s little brother on the Disney Channel, was a dolphin trainer, the first female soccer player on an all boys team and Harrison Ford once rescued me during an intense home invasion.
That’s exciting and all, but in January I decided to raise my right hand and swear into the United States Army. With a college degree from @callutheran in Criminal Justice, an ASVAB score of 92, and qualifying PFTs… I was accepted into Army #OCS (Officer Candidate School).’

Best of luck Carly in your future endeavors


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One thought on “Former Disney Actress Carly Schroeder Ditches Hollywood For The Military

  1. I think it speaks volumes about her character that she emerged from being a child actress in that cesspit of an industry and is now pursuing something so worthy. It’s especially interesting that her main motivation is wanting to stop human trafficking “in the United States.”

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