The Escapist Removes & Apologizes For Hit Piece Article Targeting Popular Youtubers

Last Week, Riley Constantine of The Escapist wrote a hit piece that smeared The Quartering and The Amazing Lucas as ‘Anti-LGBT’ by purposely misquoting them and projecting anti-LBGT sentiments to the creators. The situation stemmed from criticism of a recent decision by the video game Apex Legends to announce certain players as LGBT.

The Escapist has officially apologized for the article written by Constantine and has pulled the entire piece from their site. The article now reads ‘A note from the editor’ with the following message written by the staff:

Escapist Magazine is committed to covering all aspects of gaming, which includes sharing compelling personal narratives and exploring how changes in the medium are received by the community.
This article contained language that was needlessly incendiary. As such, we have redacted the editorial in its entirety.
Furthermore, we would like to offer a formal apology to Mr. Jeremy Hambly (TheQuartering). We do not believe you are anti-gay and are very sorry for all inconveniences this story has caused. 
-The editors at Escapist

There is no word if Riley Constantine has received any punishment for the article but the outlet is now fully denouncing what was written.

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4 thoughts on “The Escapist Removes & Apologizes For Hit Piece Article Targeting Popular Youtubers

  1. It’s amazing how an impending brings makes these “editors” scurry like roaches.

  2. To their credit, they actually pulled it down and offered a public apology, much more than many MSM rags would do.

  3. We need more lawsuits on newspapers and we need epic payouts. Time to start shutting down the outrage media outlets. Shutting down the Gawker wasn’t enough.

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