Dumpster Fire: How Gender Politics Will Turn Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ Movie Into ‘Captain Marvel’ 2.0

According to the media, there is a massive wave of anticipation among Marvel fans to see Scarlett Johansson’s Avengers character ‘Black Widow’ in her own solo MCU film. Last year, it was announced that the long-awaited (citation needed) film was officially in the pre-production stages as filming was slated to begin this year with the possibility of a 2020 theatrical release. However, ever since that announcement, there has been nothing but chaos and questionable decisions about the upcoming film leading many to believe that the project is already plagued with turmoil. A closer look at the story shows that gender politics may be setting up the film for failure, even before they have cast a single actor.

It all started one year ago when Disney announced that Jac Schaeffer was hired to write the script for the future film. As we know, it is very important for progressives to hire writers and directors of the same gender if the main character of a movie is female. So when Marvel announced the hire of a woman who’s only major writing credit is an upcoming female remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels starring Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson, there were questions about whether Marvel was actually looking for the right person for the job. Well, as it turns out they weren’t because Marvel recently hired Ned Benson (A Man) to rewrite the script just one year after hiring Schaeffer. The rewrite forced the film to push back it’s production putting it’s 2020 release in jeopardy.

Rewrites before production usually aren’t a good sign for a movie but the writing staff isn’t the only head-scratching decision the project has made. Last July, it was revealed that Cate Shortland was chosen to direct the film, Shortland’s fame comes from foreign acclaimed films such as Lore and Somersault. Shortland has only directed one film the last seven years, 2017’s Berlin Syndrome, a small budget movie that only grossed $788,191 at the box office. If you are asking how she got the role of director in one of the MCU’s biggest projects, Marvel made it a priority to hire a female director for Black Widow, meeting with more than 70 candidates before settling on Shortland. 

Another questionable gender-based hire could end up being Emma Watson. Rumors are been speculating that Watson is being eyed to join the project to play the second lead in the movie. According to Comic Book News, It’s said that Watson is the top choice to play the second female lead as a “kick-ass female Bond,” for which the studio is said to be seeking an actress capable of a physically demanding role who also “feels similar” to star Scarlett Johansson. Also in the race includes Alice Englert, Dar Zuzovsky and Florence Pugh.

Marvel looks to be taking a big push towards identity politics with the upcoming Phase IV of the Cinematic universe. This can be plainly seen in the marketing and promotion of Captain Marvel, a film which has gotten a lot of heat for pushing of Intersectional Feminism as well as media outlets attacking anyone with a negative view of the film. If you believe that the media won’t be just as protective and defensive about the Black Widow film as they are about Captain Marvel, you are missing the plot. The frustrating part of that is legitimate casting and production concerns will be written off a sexist complains by manbabies and incels, basically meaning by this time next year, we will be going through this dance again. If you thought the Black Widow movie not being Rated R was the biggest letdown Marvel could offer you, brace yourself, because this ride is going to get rough.

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5 thoughts on “Dumpster Fire: How Gender Politics Will Turn Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ Movie Into ‘Captain Marvel’ 2.0

  1. Coming from a TRUE Marvel fan, Marvel Studios has definitely gone political and mainstream (Its seems as if they care more about pleasing the average moviegoer than the true fans). Making Black Widow PG-13 is completely insane. Bringing Deadpool from the X-Men Fox universe also makes no sense (it seems as if they only care about making money now).

  2. I never heard anything about any sort of problem anyone has with a Black Widow solo project. The issue is when these projects is pumped as political drivel with the move makers going out of their way to shit on the audience.

    I’ve heard nothing but people wanting a black widow story, unless of course they fuck that story up to.

    Emma Watson isn’t a good choice, considering what a social justice retard she is, so that’s probably the only failing point they’d have.

  3. Remember how the SJWs attacked Wheadon because in Age of Ultron Black Widow called herself a monster, got kidnapped by Ultron, and Banner opened the cell door for her? If Marvel still wants to please these people I dont have high hopes for a Black Widow movie.

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