Media Members Call Out The Lack Of ‘Diversity’ At Captain Marvel Press Screenings

For the last eight months, actress Brie Larson has raised the issue of the lack of ‘diversity’ when it comes to the press and critics who review certain movies, including her own. “Too male and Too white” has been the common complaint we have heard from the progressive media. Well, it looks like members of the press are taking Larson’s lead and complaining about the lack of diversity at this week’s Captain Marvel press screenings because there were too many white males.

Press screenings for new releases of movies can be hard to come by, especially screenings for films under the Disney Umbrella. However, Den of Geek writer took to Twitter to display her anger at the fact that when she arrived at the UK Press screening for Captain Marvel, that there were too many white dudes in attendance.

“In the queue for ’s  press screening – the lack of diverse and/or female attendees is upsetting”

Wong’s disappointment at the lack of diversity was championed by other female members of the media who were upset that they couldn’t get press passes to watch the film either. Sabina Stent of Polygon noted that she did not get an invite to the screening but some of her male counterparts did.

“I emailed a few weeks ago and was told they were at full capacity”

“My two male podcast buddies got in…”

Katherine McLaughlin of BFI shared a similar complaint

“I was told there was no room for me”

“Yes I’ve seen a few white men tweet that this is their second screening. I was also told there were no other screenings”

Now while progressives continue to insist that their displeasure has nothing to do with hate for men more specifically white men, many see this has justification for Larson who has made a point to single out the lack of diversity in the film press during the promotion of her film which hits theaters this Friday. “I don’t need a 40-year-old white dude to tell me what didn’t work about ‘A Wrinkle in Time, It wasn’t made for him.” Larson noted a recent study from the University of Southern California’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, which found that more than 63 percent of film critics are white and male, and only 18.1 percent were white and female. Perhaps female members of the media are taking a stand against those who Captain Marvel was not made for.

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