Late Night Comedians Turn Their Back On ‘Old White Guy’ Bernie Sanders

It was only a few weeks ago that The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was celebrating the fact that Bernie Sanders was the most frequent guest on the show since Colbert took over in 2015. However, now that the Vermont Senator has officially announced he will run for president again in 2020, Colbert and others suddenly think that he is too old and too white to be in the race.

In a preview of the 2020 presidential race, Democrats are looking for a special candidate in 2020 to run against President Trump because how can you accuse him of being a racist and a sexist if you put up an old white guy? Yep, this is what the Democrat mindset has boiled down to. On the Late Show, Colbert suggested that Sanders might have more trouble rising to the top in 2020 field than he did in 2016. It is not because Democrats don’t like Sanders’s ideas of Marxism and Free Stuff, he just doesn’t have that ‘diverse’ angle that they are looking for.

“The field is also way more diverse this time with multiple women, people of color, the first openly gay major party presidential candidate,” Colbert said. “But for all that diversity, Bernie Sanders does not believe that hurts his chances.”

Now Sanders responses to be an ‘old white guy’ by saying:

“We have got to look at candidates, you know, not by the color of their skin, not by their sexual orientation or their gender and not by their age but instead focus on their ‘abilities’ and ‘what they stand for’.”

While this may sound like a normal statement for most Americans, the Democrats are looking for someone whose skin color, gender, and sexual orientation they can use as a weapon against Republicans leading Colbert to respond with:

Yes, like Dr. King, I have a dream, a dream where this diverse nation can come together and be led by an old white guy.”

Even Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon joined in with some mockery calling out the Senator for his past failed campaign: “That’s why I am SPEAKING IN ALL CAPS. We need change and that’s why I’m asking you to elect me, the guy who did this three years ago and lost.”

Sorry Uncle Bernie, but the Democrats aren’t looking for character or policies, they are looking for diversity and victim points. Try again in 2024, if you are still here.

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3 thoughts on “Late Night Comedians Turn Their Back On ‘Old White Guy’ Bernie Sanders

  1. Just remember to see who the media is propping up and who they’re tearing down. It will clue you in to who they support and will most likely be running against Trump.

  2. There opinions are written for them by the DNC.

    Wikileaks shows us the media is for sure only allowed to speak after the DNC reviews it, I dont see why a late night talk show would be any different.

  3. I consider Biden to be the most likely candidate to beat Trump. In the VP debates in 2012 he kicked Ryan’s butt using similar methods Trump did to beat the GOP field. So “Democrat Presidential apartheid” is a great idea, as far as I’m concerned.

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