Media Claims Captain Marvel Is Getting ‘Review Bombed’ On Rotten Tomatoes…It’s Not

You would think, knowing the difference between the Rotten Tomatoes’s ‘Audience Reviews’ and their ‘Audience Interest’ would be pretty easy. Not if you are a member of the pop culture media.



‘Captain Marvel’ Is Already Being Review Bombed on Rotten Tomatoes

Trolls Are Already Review Bombing Captain Marvel on Rotten Tomatoes

Captain Marvel review bombed as trolls target film on Rotten Tomatoes 

Sexist Trolls Are Already Waging War Against Captain Marvel With Negative Reviews

Captain Marvel ‘review bombed’ as trolls misinterpret Brie Larson ‘men’ comments

Internet Trolls Trying To Sabotage Captain Marvel’s Rotten Tomatoes Score



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Yes, numerous publications are POUNCING on the idea that racist, sexist, alt-right trolls are giving negative reviews to a movie that they haven’t even seen yet. The only problem is…they aren’t. What upsets the media is that people have been using the site’s ‘Interested/Not Interested’ feature, a standard feature on Rotten Tomatoes to gauge public excitement for a film that has yet to be released, in order to show that they are NOT interested in watching the movie and why. The problem for the media is the movie they are NOT interested in watching is Disney’s Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson, and that is a no-no. The screenshots that the media sites are using makes it clear that these are NOT reviews but people stating why they won’t see the movie.


So what does the media do? Attack those who are not down with Brie Larson’s Big Feminist movie and write off their legitimate concerns as sexist complaints from trolls. With a media like this, it is no wonder why box office projections for the film have plummeted nearly 90 million dollars in recent weeks along with the comments Brie Larson have made which have turned people off of the film in the first place.

This is not the first time that the media have taken issues with reviews that don’t favor their agenda. Last year, The media accused a group of DC film fans of plotting to give Black Panther a bad audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, they also blamed the same group for the negative audience score for The Last Jedi as well, none of these accusations were proven or substantiated.


What you are seeing here is a shill media in full attack mode trying to defend the image of a Disney superhero film that promotes feminism. Since their films cannot be seen in a negative light, they are trying to discredit detractors to protect their narrative. If this continues for another two weeks, we are positive that this will only mean good things for Captain Marvel’s box office haul when it hits theaters on March 8th…


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8 thoughts on “Media Claims Captain Marvel Is Getting ‘Review Bombed’ On Rotten Tomatoes…It’s Not

  1. This is the media doing the same thing that they did for the Star Wars abortions committed by Kathleen Kennedy and her favorite pair of emasculates, JJ “I can’t write to save my life” Abrams and Rian “I can’t even spell my own name correctly” Johnson. They knew the movies were going to be shit so they accused fans of posting negative reviews before they were even released.

    Oh, and lest I forget, they accused the fans of the same thing when Black Panther was released. SJWs only have the one playbook.

    By doing this they are laying the groundwork to be able to claim that it was just a bunch of alt-right trolls and the real audience loved the films. I’ve spent the last week watching breakdown after breakdown of why the last three Star Wars movies were absolute dogshit. Tone, pacing, shitty world building, the movies were a goddamn disaster. The fans hate them because they are shit movies made by people who fucked up a cultural icon, not because of any other reason. The same thing is going to happen to this captain marvel nonsense, and it was going to happen even before Brie Larsen did the exact same thing that Daisy Ridley did and accused the fans of sexism because we didn’t like her Mary Sue character.

    Every other hero and villain in the MCU was introduced before the last Avengers movie. Every one of them was introduced before Thanos’s snap. Now we’re supposed to sit there and be excited because a character that hasn’t even been introduced yet is going to save the day? Have these fucking idiots ever bothered to read the basic breakdown of the goddamn Hero’s Journey? In order to give a shit about a character, we have to see that character overcome trials and be changed by the experience!

    This is basic, third grade creative writing shit.

    Nobody gives a shit about Captain Marvel because she’s an overpowered Mary Sue brought on to win the day and hasn’t paid any dues. She’s not overcoming PTSD like Iron Man. She wasn’t rejected from fighting nazis 23 times like Captain America. She doesn’t have “red in her ledger.” She wasn’t warped by the soul stone and forced to kill dozens of her friends. She wasn’t locked up away from her daughter like Antman. She damn sure wasn’t a bullied teen before being bitten by a spider.

    She’s some kind of alien who can fly into space and blow shit up with her mind. Wow. Such compelling. So drama.

    And this was the general opinion of fans before Brie Larsen opened her goddamn mouth!

    This is why they make BitTorrent.

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