The Epic Dumpster Fire That Is The Jussie Smollett “MAGA Country” Hoax

“So…you got duped into believing a hoax…again”

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For anyone with critical thinking skills better than a 5-year-old, you probably knew this story was garbage from the very beginning. But let’s have a quick recap of the Jussie Smollett ‘hate crime’ to this point, shall we? Three weeks ago, during one of the most dangerous polar vortices in the last quarter century, Actor Jussie Smollett claimed that while going to get a Subway sandwich in the city of Chicago at 2 o’clock in the morning, that he was brutally attacked by 2 masked white men who shouted homophobic and racist insults at him, beat him up so bad that he nearly broke a rib, poured bleach on him in subzero temperatures, put a noose over his head and screamed, “This is MAGA country”…

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A city known for being overwhelmingly Democrat…

During one of the worst cold fronts in decades…

Apparently, had two racist Trump supporters walking around at 2 in the morning…

With bleach (that did not freeze) and a noose…

Looking for homosexual black actors they know on first name basis…

From a TV show Empire (which EVERY Trump supporter knows and watches…)

Whose calling card is yelling “THIS IS MAGA COUNTRY” (a phrase that is not even said at actual Trump Rallies) after committing hate crimes

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Smollett who was the victim of this ‘hateful attack’ did not call the police or even an ambulance despite being on the phone with his manager at 2am who claimed to have heard the attack on the phone. Instead, he returns to a friend house and only later calls the police but only agrees to talk to them after requesting they turn off their body cameras. Here’s the kicker, when he does cooperate with officers, he gives them a redacted phone record which he created in a PDF file…

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In no time after the initial report of the ‘attack’, a laundry list of Hollywood Liberals and Democrat politicians COULDN’T WAIT to condemn Trump supporters and blame them for an alleged racist and homophobic attack. It didn’t matter to them that the Chicago Police had absolutely no evidence to support Jussie’s claims at all. As was proven with the Covington High School kids hoax, if you are a Trump Supporter…you are the enemy and Democrats ran with a faulty story because the narrative is always more important than the truth.

Every Democrat and progressive couldn’t wait to use this story as ammunition against Trump supporters because they want everyone to believe that if you support Trump or god forbid, wear a MAGA hat…you are basically a member of the Ku Klux Klan (They should know, they started the KKK). Many people, however, called BS on this story from the very beginning stating how the circumstances and actions behind the attack made no sense. This offended Jussie who weeks later went into Good Morning America and slammed those who refused to believe his story. Yes, he doubled down charging those who refused to believe him as racists and homophobes.


“I’m pissed off…It’s the attackers, but it’s also the attacks. It’s like, you know, at first it was a thing of like, listen, if I tell the truth then, that’s it, because it’s the truth. Then it became a thing of, like, oh, how can you doubt that?”

“Like, how can you not believe that? It’s the truth. Then it became a thing of, like, oh, it’s not necessarily that you don’t believe that this is the truth. You don’t even want to see the truth.”

“It feels like, if I had said it was a Muslim, or a Mexican, or someone black, I feel like the doubters would have supported me a lot much more–a lot more and that says a lot about the place that we are in our country right now,” the Empire star said.

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The arrogance, the vitriol, the hatred, and the spite…and then the truth came out, and just like that the narrative collapsed. Two men in connection with the alleged attack of Empire actor Jussie Smollett were detained and questioned, the problem? The two men were Nigerian bodybuilders with connections to the actor NOT MAGA hat wearing Trump Supporters and according to reports, Local police now believe Jussie Smollett paid the two men to orchestrate the assault and charges are pending.

There is no way to sugarcoat this, if you believed that Jussie’s story was true, you are either a liar or a sucker. You are either a complete dope who will believe anything the media tells you because you have convinced yourself that the media is on your side and it’s their job to ‘tell the truth’ or you knew this story was a pile of crap from the jump but you decided to gaslight it anyway because you (like Jussie) saw it as an opportunity to project your hate for Trump supporters through this story and give yourself a false sense of validation.

Blue checkmark leftists couldn’t wait to run to Twitter and lecture Americans about hate and bigotry when the only hate and bigotry in the US comes from the same people whose number one objective is to demonize and criminalize anyone who stands in the way of their socialist/Marxist agenda. This should be a wake-up call for everyone emphasis on should. I can already see the left wing pivot which won’t be an apology for the millions of people they slandered for the last number of years but a phony call for sympathy for ‘victims’ of ‘real hate crimes’. Well, guess what, the vast majority of reported ‘hate crimes’ are just as phony as Jussie’s as The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra and Far Left Watch have documented NUMEROUS times people have claimed a Trump Supporter committed a hate crime against them only to find out that the person in question lied about the entire story.

What is happening here is clear, you have a political arm of the Democrat party called the media and their allies in Hollywood who have told you that for the last 3 years, anyone who disagrees with their political agenda is an ‘ist’ and an ‘ism’ and they have blown up any questionable claim that supports their narrative to make you believe that their version of reality is fact and not fantasy. You have is a group of irresponsible journalists, politicians, and celebrities who spread fake news to millions of people in order to virtue signal their politics and con people into believing something that didn’t happen. Once again, you allowed yourself to be duped by con artists for political gain.

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As of this writing, Jussie has yet to be formally charged but many believe it won’t be long until that happens. But let this be a lesson to you, the habitually outraged, stop being a sucker for political elites. You believed that conservatives were outraged about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing in some high school video…you got duped. You believed that the Covington High School kids racially abused a poor defenseless native American war hero…you got duped. You believed that Buzzfeed confirmed President Trump committed a felony and was about to be impeached…you got duped. You believed that an actor was jumped by Trump Supporters in Chicago under circumstances you would have to wear a full-time helmet think was real…you got duped. Shut up and don’t say a word until the facts have been confirmed, then make a statement about how you feel about a story when it can’t come back and bite you in the ass…or you can keep being a sucker and let the media continue to control you like a sockpuppet (Ellen Page), the choice is yours.

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  1. At first I thought this was funny, then I remembered all the people who wore MAGA hats and Trump shirts who have been peppered sprayed and beaten with bike locks because violent leftists believe that crap.

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