Lashana Lynch On Her Captain Marvel Character: Being A Single Mother Is Her Superhero Quality

Just 24 hours after it was reported that Actress Brie Larson was making sure that her press tour for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film Captain Marvel will not be overwhelmingly white and male, her co-star in the film Lashana Lynch had some interesting comments about her character in the upcoming film.

Marvel Studios

In an interview with Nerdist, Lashana Lynch who plays the character of Maria Rambeau, who serves as Carol Danvers’ best friend and fellow Air Force fighter pilot, will be a single mother in the film with Lynch regarding this development as giving her character immense inner strength as she balances her career and family commitments.

“Her being a fighter pilot along with a single mother is her superhero quality. That is absolutely her superpower. Being a single mother, especially a Black single mother, having been raised by one and my grandmother, I know that there’s just a certain type of strength that comes ancestrally.”
“She’s strong, she’s bold, she’s a Black single mother. She doesn’t argue about it,” Lynch continued. “She has raised an amazing child and now this child is probably going to turn out to be a superhero because she’s been raised by one.”
Marvel Studios

In the Marvel comics universe, the character of Maria Rambeau is the mother of the superhero Photon who we can assume will have a future role in the MCU, however, in the comics, she is not portrayed as a single mother so it looks like the origins of that character will be completely rewritten.

Lynch also commented on the lack of ‘representation’ in film and in the MCU:

“Black Panther raised everyone’s awareness to the fact that we just don’t have any black superheroes and our younger generations aren’t seeing enough of themselves. We’re not being represented, and Marvel took that responsibility and I think for the change in consciousness that is happening in the Black community right now and over the last couple of years. In creating Maria, it made me realize that the younger generation are going to have what I didn’t have as a kid, which is seeing themselves on screen. So this will be a classic film for the new generations to come, which is crazy. And also the new normal, which I can’t wait to be.”

Looks like Captain Marvel will have a heavy lean on representation and gender politics, The film arrives on March 8, 2019.



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8 thoughts on “Lashana Lynch On Her Captain Marvel Character: Being A Single Mother Is Her Superhero Quality

  1. Producer and Directors thinking:

    Make Money on a movie or get a pat on the back at a swanky hollywood dinner party??

    Hmmm…. Make money or have a pleasant interview on THE VIEW??

    Decisions Decisions???

    I choose to lose millions.

    Then: Why don’t these misogynists come to my movie?? Maybe the government can make them.

  2. Looks like Marvel is gonna get infected with more and more pc/sjw bs, so i’ll likely have to hop off the train once this phase ends. ‘Wanna see Endgame then i may be done. Not interested in Captain Marvel at all.

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