Why The All Female Fast and Furious Film Makes No Sense

Yep, you read that right, we are getting an all-female Fast and Furious movie. Look, I understand why there is a Hobbs and Shaw spinoff film in post-production. At least there is a story to sell to audiences. You have The Rock and Jason Statham, two of the biggest action stars in Hollywood in a buddy comedy action flick, there is some appeal there. I honestly can’t tell you what the draw is behind Michelle Rodriguez and what would be considered a sea of minor characters AT BEST getting their own movie.

Last week, actor Vin Diesel took to Instagram to announce that an all female-led Fast and Furious movie is in the works under screenwriters Nicole Perlman, Lindsey Beer, and Geneva Robertson-Dworet…so yeah, this is a thing. The film will presumably star Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster as they are the only recognizable female stars of the series. That alone begs the question

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The women of Fast and Furious have never played a big role in the series and have always been supporting characters at best. You have Michelle Rodriguez, who has been the love interest of Vin Diesel, who disappeared for a film or two after being presumed dead. You have Jordana Brewster, who has been the love interest of Paul Walker who died in real life meaning her character serves no purpose to the story anymore (explaining why she was written out of The Fate of the Furious). At this point, who could you even bring back for an ‘all-female’ spinoff?

Eva Mendes was in…ONE film and never seen again. Devon Aoki remains the only character in this franchise to appear in one film and never be asked to return again. Gal Gadot has become a major star for her role in this franchise, but you killed her character so she won’t be coming back. Gina Carano is another big name but you killed her off too. At this point, you are talking about a potential action movie starring Dom’s wife and his sister, neither of which are prominent action stars or box office draws to led their own film.

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In all seriousness, I legitimately can’t see the appeal of this film. Yes, Hollywood is going all in on the ‘diversity and inclusion’ kick, but even then there still has to be a reason or at the very least some interest in a story like this (unless Hollywood is doubling down on the death of its industry). I mean when even The Mary Sue is questioning the film, maybe it’s time to review your decisions. But hell, what do I know? The Fast and Furious franchise is already on pace for two more films, a separate spinoff starring The Rock, and now this movie. Perhaps Universal Studios cares more about selling tickets to their theme ride in Hollywood than whatever the hell they are putting in theaters these days.


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5 thoughts on “Why The All Female Fast and Furious Film Makes No Sense

  1. The F&F franchise managed the best presentation of “diversity” of any other Hollywood blockbuster. The diverse cast were integrated in a team context without any virtue signaling. Subsequently, the viewer didn’t get taken out of the movie because of obvious race/sex casting. Plus cars. That being said, an all woman cast could work if they go non-pc and make it camp, instead of woke = Charlie’s Angels 1.

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