The Media Pounces On Ghostbusters 3 For Ignoring The All-Female Spinoff

The media STILL have not gotten over the fact that you did not LOVE the 2016 all-female remake of Ghostbusters. So much so that they are now attacking the announcement of a Ghostbusters sequel set to come out in 2020. Why? Because the future film is going to ignore the 2016 film and be a sequel to the 1989’s Ghostbusters II…and they are not happy.

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Sony is giving Ghostbusters another shot, this time without the identity politics. Sony Pictures announced that Jason Reitman (director of The Front Runner) will direct and co-write an upcoming sequel which will focus on four teens, two boys and two girls, and will continue the story of 1984’s Ghostbusters and the 1989 sequel. This news has plenty of people in the media upset:

“I think it’s a really entertaining movie that was doomed simply because it wasn’t the film a certain very loud percentage of the audience wanted,” says film critic Drew McWeeny.
“What frustrates me about this new film, and I’m very aware that we’ve had very little news, is how keen they are to distance themselves from the 2016 film. Not only will it feel like a victory to all the wrong people, but it just feels like a creative step backwards.” Cracked contributor Chris Sutcliffe
“There’s an element of gatekeeperism where fans of the original want things to be how they were in the good old days, which ties into this nostalgia, but it’s 2019, and we’re too far gone to make the same films over and over.” Hannah Woodhead of Little White Lies
“You’re rewarding a white male director whose last five movies bombed the keys to a hugely valuable franchise mostly because he’s the son of the guy who directed those first two Ghostbusters movies. And yes, unintentional or not, you’re essentially rewarding the specific demographics who reacted in the very worst way to the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot with the thing they claimed to want instead of the… horrors… all-female sci-fi comedy.” Scott Mendelson of Forbes
“I’m totally fine with there being a new Ghostbusters movie set in the original universe – I just hate that the worst people will take credit for “winning” because they were so against the idea of female Ghostbusters. Sigh.” Eric Goldman of Marvel Entertainment
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Last but not least, Leslie Jones of the 2016 reboot:

“So insulting. Like fuck us. We didn’t count. It’s like something Trump would do. (Trump voice)”Gonna redo ghostbusteeeeers, better with men, will be huge. Those women ain’t ghostbusteeeeers” ugh so annoying. Such a dick move. And I don’t give fuck I’m saying something!!”

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The projected 2020 movie does not have a script, does not have a cast, and there is no news about what the direction of the film is going to be (which means they can still cave to the progressive mob) but people are angry that Paul Feig’s box office bomb is going to be overlooked, why? It’s not because progressives are losing to a sexist mob of haters, it’s because they finally have to come to terms with the fact that the film they tried so hard to push was a failure.

Paul Feig’s film drew ire from fans for being a reboot which had nothing going for but being an all-female cast written by SNL writers. Despite members of the media trying to carry the film across the finish line by showering it with praise, attacking fans who didn’t like it, and trying to convince you the film was a success; reality says otherwise.

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The movie only has a 51% on Rotten Tomatoes among audiences and a mid-tier 60 on Metacritic but most importantly the film was a box office bomb losing $70 million dollars for Sony as they failed to meet their break-even mark of $300 million dollars. So it’s not hard to see why they didn’t want to do a sequel. The media wanted so bad for this movie to be a political statement for women and progressivism and with Sony leaving it in the graveyard, There isn’t much they can do at this point but to pay their respects, or perhaps throw a temper tantrum in hopes that enough complaining gets the brass at Sony to change their minds.

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  1. This debate is ridiculous. Nobody said anything against the latest Halloween, a direct sequel to the 1978 movie. Why? The same (dumb) argument would apply, wouldn’t it?

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