‘Grown-ish’ Views Kanye West As A Race Traitor For Trump Support

In a story first reported by Dawn Slusher of NewsBusters, Freeform’s spin-off comedy Grown-ish, which originated from ABC’s Black-ish took a shot at controversial rapper Kanye West and his support for President Trump on Wednesday’s episode, “In My Feelings.”

In the show, as Zoey and her college friends are gathered watching a music video drop online by a mystery artist, they begin taking guesses as to who the artist might be. A heated discussion ensues after someone guesses Kanye may be the mystery artist:

Luca: Look, you can dislike Kanye all you want, but unlike other rappers, he never conformed to the masses and the masses conformed to him. Back me up, baby.
Zoey: Yeah, well it’s true. He’s got everybody goin’ broke trying to look like homeless dudes with dad sneakers. His music, fashion, media, everything dude does hits.
Jazz: Wow, are you seriously pro-Kanye right now? Wait ‘til I at your ass on black Twitter.
Zoey: Please do not do that, but I do believe that art should be separate from the artists.
Jazz: Oh, like how Kanye separated himself from his community, and then turned his back on the people who actually made him?

The argument comes back to an issue that plagued the black community for years, the belief is that if you are black, you are not allowed to be or support conservatives or libertarians. Democrats have a chokehold over the black vote in the United States by 85-90% mostly due to the fact that it is considered racist to vote for any other party and black people who do are considered ‘sell-outs’. This mirrors the resentment for Kanye West displayed on the show. A resentment that was also displayed when the Marlon Wayans’ NBC sitcom, Marlon attacks black conservatives Dr. Ben Carson and actress Stacey Dash calling them “sellouts” and embarrassments to black Americans. The message is clear, if you are black, stay in line, or else.

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One thought on “‘Grown-ish’ Views Kanye West As A Race Traitor For Trump Support

  1. It’s unfortunate but the behaviour exhibited by black people who believe in this weird race mentality is very cult-like. You have to agree with the dogma whole-heartedly, and if you don’t, you are an apostate and deserve nothing less that complete condemnation. It’s despicable.

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