Sarah Silverman’s Progressive Talk Show Cancelled at Hulu

One and done…another progressive Hollywood talk show bites the dust.


On Wednesday, comedienne Sarah Silverman announced that her Hulu talk show I Love America was canceled by the streaming service after one season in a statement on Twitter.

“Well, Hulu canceled I LOVE YOU AMERICA and we’re all pretty damn heartbroken, So in traditional Twitter funeral style, I’ll be RTing the love for the show.”

Before the announcement, Silverman spent the majority of her time on Twitter ranting against the Trump Administration which you can find in the posts below…

Back in November of 2017, Silverman tried to get conservatives to watch her show by claiming that she “fell in love” with Donald Trump voters while traveling the country to work on her show. However, it didn’t take long with Silverman at the helm along with far left producers Adam McKay and Will Farrell for the show to become yet another progressive talk show outlet to attack Trump, his supporters, and the right wing in general. Last year, The Break With Michelle Wolf was canceled after one season by Netflix.

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One thought on “Sarah Silverman’s Progressive Talk Show Cancelled at Hulu

  1. I’m sure she’ll be prominently back in the media soon. Leftists need their validation and her entire shtick is snarky mean spirited attacks on anyone not in the far left clic.

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