Progressives Are Upset The Rock Is Making Twice As Much As Emily Blunt For New Disney Film

We haven’t had a good ‘Wage gap’ story in a while. Earlier today, it was reported by TMZ that the stars of the newest Disney film Jungle Cruise Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Emily Blunt are not getting paid the same amount and some people are upset.

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According to the report, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is getting paid $22 million to play the lead role of Frank in Disney’s Jungle Cruise, over double that of Emily Blunt, who is only making $9 million to play Lily. Now at first glance to some, this looks like a disgusting example of sexism, but of course, common sense tells another story.

The Rock has been one of the highest grossing actors in Hollywood the last 5 years. As a lead, his movies have grossed over 4.8 Billion dollars making him one of the top paid stars and biggest box office draws. Emily Blunt, on the other hand, has only grossed 1.6 billion in her time as the lead. It also doesn’t help her case that her current film Mary Poppin Returns (which is also a Disney film) is currently tanking at the box office only making 93 million of it’s 130 million production budget in just 2 weeks.

2020 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

We will see if The Rock becomes the newest target of the outrage mob that forced Mark Wahlberg to donate his pay when it was discovered he made 1.2 million dollars for reshoots of the All the Money In the World movie while his co-star Michelle Williams did them for free. Rock also has an upcoming movie called Red Notice which costars Gal Gadot and you can best believe the paycheck of the stars will be a subject of debate in Hollywood and the media. Disney’s Jungle Cruise movie hits theaters on July 24, 2020.


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4 thoughts on “Progressives Are Upset The Rock Is Making Twice As Much As Emily Blunt For New Disney Film

  1. I think what people need to remember is that often times, it has nothing to do with skill, talent or your gender. Michelle Williams and Emily Blunt are far more skilled at their craft than The Rock or Mark Wahlberg, but this usually means they’re more selective with their work. Some of their work is more under the radar and therefore doesn’t reach big audiences. Whereas The Rock & Markie Mark typically do big blockbuster movies every year that appeal to a wide audience bringing in bigger money. Unfortunately, I think these wages are not usually based on talent. That’s why Gal Gadot can become the highest paid actress but Viola Davis can’t (although definitely deserves to be).

    1. Wages are not based on talent, they are based on box office appeal. The movie industry is still a business and if you invest 200 million dollar into a film, chances are you are more likely to see a return with Rock than you are with Blunt.

  2. It doesn’t discuss that The Rock is also the Producer and his studio is also involved in the movies, so probably that why he getting paid that much.

  3. The Rock can command any salary he wants, he is the most popular top grossing actor of our time. Emily Blunt can easily be replaced. The studios aren’t sexist, the general public simply will not see a film where the studio hires Emily Blunt, and no A-List male actor will accept the role for the same money . Sorry but that’s the truth. You aren’t going to do a film about Madonna and expect to pay an A-List female lead playing Madonna the same rate as a male backup dancer. No female A-List celebrity would settle for it. So there you have it, equality. The progressives keep slicing up the pie into smaller and smaller pieces and complain when a .00008 inches piece of pie is smaller than a .00010 in piece of pie. After a while it becomes mind numbingly trivial.

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