Border Town Comicbook Canceled Following Writer’s Sexual Assualt Allegations

The politically divisive comic book from DC Vertigo, Border Town, a series that was praised by mainstream critics and the comics industry for portraying Trump supporters and conservatives as violent racists has officially been canceled following sexual assault allegations against the writer of the book Eric M. Esquivel. DC Comics and Vertigo announced that they will no longer publish Border Town #5 and #6, and all previous issues of the title still in the hands of retailers are being made returnable by DC. As far as the allegations of sexual assault and possible statutory rape that was made by Esquivel’s former employee Cynthia Naugle one week ago, DC has declined to comment on the nature of the allegations itself. Esquivel himself has finally made a statement about the allegations against him calling them ‘reckless’ and ‘false’:

I was recently accused of misconduct by a former romantic partner. Not recent misconduct. Misconduct which allegedly happened many years ago. Out of respect for her and our prior relationship, I will not publicly name names.

I’ve taken a few days to respond, because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t talking over anyone. We’re in the midst of a very important cultural conversation right now. One I wholeheartedly believe in.

Never in my life did I expect that I would become one of the accused. I will not speculate as to her motivation for making these reckless allegations, but I want to make it clear that they are false. Though our relationship was unconventional, we always treated one another with dignity and respect.

I heavily encourage, and will fully cooperate in, any forthcoming independent investigation of these claims, which I am confident will show that I have been falsely accused.

I have been notified that DC Vertigo has canceled the book I was working on. My heart breaks for the book’s supporters, and my creative collaborators. They don’t deserve to be negatively affected by this unfortunate situation.

The cancellation of Border Town is seen as a massive blow to progressives in the industry who praised the series portrayal of Trump Supporters as the racist bigots they see them as. The series was on its way to certain mainstream accolades, however, that looks to be over with now that the writer’s allegedly abusive behavior towards women has been exposed.

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