Hollywood Threatens Georgia Boycott After Failed Efforts To Elect Stacey Abrams

In the final weeks of 2018 midterm elections, California sent numerous Hollywood celebrities such as Oprah, Michael B. Jordan, Common, and Will Farrell down to the state of Georgia in an effort to get Georgians to vote for Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. The votes have been counted and Abrams lost to Republican nominee Brain Kemp. Well, now Democrats all across the country are melting down after their efforts to flip Georgia failed (including Abrams herself) and there is a growing movement in Hollywood to boycott the state of Georgia while Kemp is governor.

Hollywood Democrats are making calls to action over their sour grapes because Georgia didn’t vote the way they wanted them to and now, they want to Hollywood film production companies to boycott the entire state for failing to elect Abrams.

Despite the fact that Kemp was the favorite to win the election throughout the entire campaign, numerous claims of voter suppression without evidence have been made by Democrats claiming that was the reason Kemp won. Claims without evidence such as Georgia preventing people from voting due to inaccuracies on their voter information such as their names and their current residence. Left out of these claims is the fact these issues could have been easily corrected by the voter well before election day, Democrats decided to push the narrative and then use it as an excuse as for why they lost the race.

This is not the first time Hollywood has threaten the state of Georgia for not falling in line with progressive politics, in 2015, the Georgia state House and Senate passed a Religious-liberty bill that would have allowed individuals to not be required to perform marriage ceremonies in violation of their legal right to free exercise of religion. But once outsider companies like Disney and the NFL said they would boycott the state for approving a bill in their state legislation, Governor Nathan Deal vetoed the bill in favor of a Superbowl to the city.

Not everyone on the left is supporting the new call for boycotts. Entertainment outlet BET even went as far as calling the #BoycottGeorgia movement a shining example of white privilege.

It will be interesting to see if Hollywood actually backs up their call to leave Georgia and whether new Governor Brain Kemp will tolerate the strong arm tactics coming from Southern California. 


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