Adam McKay Hopes His Republican Hate Will Fuel His 60 Million Dollar Anti-Republican Film

Adam McKay who is the writer, producer, and director of the upcoming movie Vice is not holding back in his anti-republican views in hopes that his new film gets the Academy Award recognition that he’s shooting for. Hollywood is looking to go all in on the film set to be released on Christmas Day which tells the so-called story of Vice President Dick Cheney and his role in the George W. Bush administration. The film takes the liberal narrative that is was actually Dick Cheney who was the mastermind behind the Bush administration because the left believe that Bush was simply too stupid to be pulling the strings while he was in office.

With Hollywood heavy hitters such as Brad Pitt, Will Ferrell, Christian Bale, Steve Carell, and Amy Adams attached to this film, Vice has a sizable 60 million dollar production budget (a budget higher than Universal’s First Man) and it’s Christmas release means that their goal is awards or bust.

Adam McKay has been very open about his disdain for all Republicans. When asked who he thought was worse, Dick Cheney or Donald Trump? McKay said.

“Would you rather have a professional assassin after you or a frothing maniac with a meat cleaver? I’d rather have a maniac with a meat cleaver after me, so I think Cheney is way worse. And also, if you look at the body count, more than 600,000 people died in Iraq. It’s not even close, right?”

McKay parroting the narrative that Bush (or for the sake of this movie, Cheney) was single handily responsible for the Iraq War, a war that was voted for and supported by the likes of Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden until it was no longer politically convenient for Democrats.

When McKay isn’t berating others about climate change, he is on his Twitter with some interesting takes about the right.

While McKay’s film will no doubt be a smash hit in Progressive Hollywood, it will be interesting to see how the general audiences take to his 60 million dollar film especially since he has such an outspoken hatred of Trump Supporters and Republicans in general.

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  1. Is there any other reason why Will Ferrell split with this socialist filmmaker? #KickoutAdamMcKay

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