Mashable Slams Diablo Fans For Not Being Happy About Mobile Game Announcement

The only thing that is worse than the current state of journalism in this country is the current state of gaming journalism (you could insert pop culture journalism, the result would be the same). The problem seems to be that Progressive writers of these outlets simply use their platform to attack and demean fans who reject the agendas that are shoved in front of them.

Last Friday, Blizzard announced their latest project in front of hundreds of fans at their annual event BlizzCon. The announcement? A brand new game Diablo Immortal, the drawback…it is only available for mobile users. Unhappy with the fact the announcement they waited years for turned out to be a pay for play mobile game, fans in attendance booed the reveal including one fan who asked if this was an out of season April Fools joke…ouch. Online fans were less than thrilled as well, the Youtube video of the reveal was met with over 400,000 dislikes to only 15,000 likes and hundreds of comments from unhappy fans…enter Mashable.

Mashable who were so angry about the negative response that Blizzard received wrote not one but TWO articles attacking fans who they deem to be ‘trolls’ for being dissatisfied with the game. In the first article entitled, ‘Diablo Immortal’ is actually fun, you entitled babies‘ (subtle) Progressive writer Kellen Beck leads off by saying:

“Well guess what, you entitled crybabies. I played Diablo Immortal at BlizzCon shortly after it was revealed, and it’s a lot of fun.”

But it doesn’t end there, the ‘journalist’ then continues to berate fans by saying:

“You are entitled to nothing. Game companies owe you nothing. You don’t just get to have whatever you want and then throw a tantrum when your own personal dreams don’t come true. Blizzard hasn’t abandoned the core Diablo franchise just because it created a mobile game.” 

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And it doesn’t end there, the very next day, Mashable came out with a SECOND article which continues its attack on the fanbase by attacking them even harder than the first article did. In this article entitled ‘Diablo Immortal’ reveal gives entitled gamers a new chance to look like asses‘ (subtle), Another Progressive writer Adam Rosenberg insists that anyone who was upset by this announcement is simply a troll and not a real fan of the series… I’m not joking. The editor even added in this little note stating

An earlier version of this story inaccurately characterized the people attacking Blizzard as “fans.” In truth, they’re trolls. It’s fine and even normal to feel disappointment that Diablo 4 wasn’t announced. It’s not fine to turn that disappointment into fuel for attacking Diablo’s creators. 

Rosenberg finishes his statement ensuring readers that real fans of the game are not upset only online trolls. Sadly what we are seeing a lot now in the current age of video game development and journalism are creators who do not give their fanbase what they want and a media who quickly attacks said fanbase for not taking what the developers give them with a smile and a handshake. We saw a similar issue with Battlefield V earlier this year as the media labeled fans who were unhappy with the choice of a female lead in a WWII game to be sexist and even Former EA chief creative officer Patrick Söderlund telling fans to either accept it or don’t buy the game. Maybe one day these anti-capitalists will realize that attacking your paying customer base isn’t the smartest business decision.


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