Samantha Bee Grasps At Straws To Call Republicans And Trump ‘Anti-Semitic’

If you watch Progressive late-night TV (any show, pick one), you have probably come to the conclusion that President Donald Trump is a racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, bigot, who is literally the next Adolf Hitler. You are also supposed to believe that he is such a hateful bigot that he needs to use “code words” and “dog whistles” to cover up his bigotry. That is what Progressive late-night host Samantha Bee believes on her latest episode of Full Frontal. 

While progressives are pushing the narrative that the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter was the fault of Donald Trump (a narrative they never would have supported with the Orlando shooter who was a Hillary Clinton Supporter, The DC shooter who was a Bernie Sanders supporter, or the Dallas Shooter who was a BLM supporter, etc) Samantha tries to further this narrative by making the case that Trump dog whistles anti-semitism…and her evidence is just as bad as you think.

Bee claims that conservatives use “Anti-Jewish code words” like “coastal elites,” “globalists,” and “Hollywood liberals” to attack the Jewish community. But the worst code word of them all that Bee accuses Trump and the right of using is “George Soros”, the progressive billionaire who known for putting his money into progressive activists and causes all over the world.

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That’s right folks, so when you criticize Geroge Soros, you aren’t actually criticizing a person BY NAME, what you are doing is dog whistling code words to state your hate for Jewish people. When you criticize “Hollywood Liberals” which is a broad term that applies to 98% of everyone currently working in Los Angeles…you are repeating Nazi speech. Bee even goes as far to say that because Trump once called Former late-night host Jon Stewart “Jonathan Leibowitz” (his real name), that is evidence he hates the Jews.

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Well, by that logic Samantha Bee is dog whistling code words when she slams Jared Kushner, who is Jewish, on her show to her audience. She is promoting anti-semitism while she calls Ivanka Trump, an Orthodox Jew, a Freckless cunt on her show to thunderous applause. I mean, we already know that Samantha Bee has a history of calling violent woman beaters her “Superhero” so there is a good case to make that she is also a sexist bigot on top of being an anti-semite…

These weak attempts at trying to play six degrees of separation of people we don’t like just displays how desperate progressives are getting just days away from the 2018 midterms to get people to vote for them. Their even weaker attempts to silence dissents will only serve to lose them more listeners than gain…just like Samantha’s show.

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