Hollywood is so distraught by the fact that it’s 2016 all-female reboot of Ghostbusters was a failure that they are STILL talking about it over 2 years later. In an Interview with Yahoo Entertainment while promoting her latest drama Can You Ever Forgive Me? Actress Melissa McCarthy who starred in the film addressed what she believed was a sexist campaign to sink the film in theaters.


“I just don’t know why people are so afraid of women. It’s fascinating to me,” 

“If a movie 35 years later is ‘ruining your childhood,’ don’t blame us — you’ve got your own issues,” she said.


Fans of the 1984 film waited a long time for a proper follow-up to the classic movie. Sadly, they waited so long, Harold Ramis died and the dream of all four men reprising their roles passed away with him. That didn’t stop Sony however with proceeding with the 2016 remake, but this time, they would make an all-female reboot of the franchise. Otherwise, when fans saw the trailer, it was shunned by a majority of the viewing audiences and turned into a financial flop.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like there will be a sequel anytime soon.

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