Hollywood’s Latest Democrat Propaganda Campaign Is Not Doing Very Well

Have you heard of the Progressive voter registration group called Swing Left? No? Well, that’s the problem.

It seems like Democrats and Progressives have no problem whatsoever finding the biggest names in Hollywood for campaign videos explaining why voting Democrat is so important, it is also amazing how little everyday people listen to these stars when they do. Swing Left a Progressive outlet, whose goal is to assist Democrats in making sure their “blue wave” happens as they try to take control of the House and the Senate, released a new video starring Hollywood celebrities Kerry Washington, Lena Dunham, and Kathryn Hahn with the goal is to address the importance of protecting abortions.

Having never heard of this group, if you take a look at their Youtube page which holds over 55 videos and barely 200 subscribers featuring big-name celebrities such as Samuel L Jackson, Kevin Bacon, Rashida Jones, and yes even Hillary Clinton, one thing stands out about their emotional pled for Democrat votes…nobody is watching it. Only 9 of their videos have at least 1,000 views and the majority of their more recent video are viewed by less than 100 people. Comments and ratings to these videos have all been disabled given the fact they would have definitely been downvoted by the viewers and their message just isn’t moving with the people.

A few weeks back, stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe came together to endorse the Democrat-run March For our Lives campaign. Despite the fact, the biggest stars of the biggest cinematic universe in Hollywood came together, the results were mostly the same, no one watched it. According to Rasmussen Reports, Just 24% of people say it’s even somewhat important to their vote when celebrities or politicians endorse candidates. Seventy-five percent (75%) say outsider campaigning is not important to their vote. This can be displayed when Taylor Swift endorsed Tennessee Democrat Phil Bredesen but then Bredesen fell 14 points in the latest New York Times poll.

These celebrities propaganda videos are just not having the impact the industry clearly wants but Hollywood and the Washington Democrats who run the show have no plans on slowing down in producing them. The question for them now is will their efforts fall on deaf ears like it did in 2016?

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