Jamie Lee Curtis Fully Supports The 2nd Amendment…With Conditions

Halloween actress Jaime Lee Curtis has taken some heat this week promoting her next movie which comes out next week. Outlets like Breitbart have called out her stance on guns while using guns as a big marketing tool for her new film. So Curtis decided to defend her views on guns in an interview with USA Today by stating “I fully support the Bill of Rights. And fully support the Second Amendment.”

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However, Curtis would clarify her support for the 2nd amendment but contradicting what the 2nd amendment stands for.

I have absolutely no problem with people owning firearms if they have been trained, licensed, a background check has been conducted, a pause button has been pushed to give time for that process to take place. And they have to renew their license just like we do with automobiles – which are weapons also.

So Curtis’s support of the 2nd amendment “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” is dependent solely on the government’s ability to regulate the people’s ability to bear arms in which the bills of rights never permitted them to do.

The reason why people like Jaime Lee Curtis are called out for being anti-gun is that they never support any measures to protect gun-owners and don’t proclaim to be pro-gun until directly called out on it. A person who uses the term “assault weapons” which is NOT a classification of firearms, yet a term coined by Democrats to describe guns they don’t like but know little about such as the AR-15, that person can’t claim to ‘fully support’ the 2nd amendment when the majority of their funding and support goes to causes that limit gun ownership and access. Fully support but with a lot of caveats is not fully supporting.


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