James Gunn To Write/Direct Suicide Squad 2 Following Disney Fallout


In an exclusive by Deadline Hollywood, Director James Gunn is returning to write with an eye to direct the next installment of the Suicide Squad franchise. This will be the first project for Gunn since he was fired by in July for thousands of old tweets involving rape and Paedophilia resurfaced on the internet. Warner Bros had been in talks with Gunn to step in and develop this film, and the deal was made after he was settled out of Guardians of the Galaxy 3 by Disney. Despite the controversies involving his tweets and photos that resurfaced, Hollywood studios were desperately looking for new projects to bring the director into work with.


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One thought on “James Gunn To Write/Direct Suicide Squad 2 Following Disney Fallout

  1. This might be the turning point in the Marvel vs. DC movie war. With the exception of Wonder Woman (which I find to be overrated; then again, I feel the same way about most superhero films in general from both sides of the aisle), Marvel has been kicking DC’s ass. Maybe Gunn can turn things around and give Disney Marvel some honest to God competition. It’s going to be tough, because the media is on Disney’s side (and has pretty much always been against DC from the start ever since Nolan left; though to be fair, much of their negative reviews have been justified, but their blind praise for several Marvel films hasn’t been). But, we’ll see.

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