Hollywood & The Media Praises Taylor Swift For Finally Coming Out Against Conservatives

You don’t have to look very far for a recent example of political bias coming from our entertainment and media industries. With the 2018 midterms right around the corner, two famous musicians have come out in political support of their candidates but the reactions to their endorsements are radically different. When Kayne West comes out in support of Donald Trump and attacking Democrats, he is blasted in the media and attacked by fellow celebrities such as Chris Evans and Pete Davidson calling him uneducated and a jackass.

When Taylor Swift comes out attacking Republicans and supporting Democrat candidates, she is called the modern day Oprah…no seriously, Nicolle Wallace of MSNBC said:

“Taylor Swift, I think she is her generation’s Oprah in that, that which she lays her hands on, because she’s so reluctant to do so, usually makes a difference among her peers. This requires young people to go out and do something they don’t often do vote.”

She wasn’t the only person showering Swift with golden praise for her heel turn into the political world. Hollywood progressives are glowing after years of bullying Taylor for not picking a side in the Age of Trump, that she has finally joined their team.

If the overwhelming love from Hollywood wasn’t enough, now the media is single-handedly crediting Taylor Swift for a recent surge of voter registration in the country just two days after her Instagram post. It’s amazing the difference between how to two people are perceived when those people hold the ‘right’ & ‘wrong’ opinions according to the media and Hollywood.


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