Jimmy Kimmel Admits Late Night Is No Longer Neutral “That Wisdom No Longer Prevails”

In the words of the Late Sean O’Haire, “I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know.” If you are still in the thinking that late-night comedy is actually about comedy and not about propagandizing the Democrat agenda through popular culture, you either aren’t watching or aren’t paying attention. A quick look at the Huffington Post’s Entertainment page will show you that late night shows have become a cesspool of Democrat comedians repeating the exact same talking points in all of their shows. Late night comedy as stopped being about comedy and now the biggest face of the late night resistance is no longer trying to hide it.


Last night at a Democrat fundraiser in Los Angles for Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel and musician DJ Khaled spoke at the event that was to raise a million dollars for the Democratic Midterm Victory Fund which will support Democrats in the 2018 midterms. During his speech, Kimmel finally came clean about the agenda of late night hosts.

“It used to be when you’re a late-night talk show host the prevailing wisdom was don’t take a side, it isn’t worth it, you’ll lose have your audience. Your job is to stay neutral and make fun of everyone. I’m sure you’ve noticed, if you flip around the channels, that wisdom no longer prevails.” Kimmel said.

“This is an emergency” “We need to fight. We need to do everything within our power to repeal and replace Congress.” Kimmel said to thunderous applause.


Jimmy’s comments are not surprising for anyone who has been paying attention, Kimmel has made quite the name for himself in the last two years becoming late night’s Social Justice Warrior. We are now in the age of ‘comedy’ where being a Democrat politician is part of the game and not being a political comedian is a political statement in itself. Late night shows are NOT for comedy or entertainment but dominating the pop culture scene with progressive talking points. The days of Leno and Carson are long dead if the default position that comedy is no longer for ‘everyone’ but only for people who political agreement with the host.

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