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“The America I want to save is an America we’ve never had” – Michael Moore

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I want you to remember this quote because it’s going to provide so much context for Michael Moore’s political endgame with this film. The 2016 Presidential Election was a punch in the mouth to progressives around the country who had been living in the bubble that was the presidency of Barack Obama. Now imagine being told for months that Trump can’t win, the polls were on Hillary’s side, the media was on Hillary’s side, Hollywood was on Hillary’s side, The FBI (allegedly) was on Hillary’s side. If you watched all the major networks and pundits leading up to the election, you would have thought that there was no chance in hell that the Democratic juggernaut that was Hillary Clinton could lose a presidential election to a reality tv show host.

After spending weeks spiking the football and doing the Milly Rock dance that Hillary was going to win…the votes were counted…and she lost. Suddenly the arrogant glee of progressives turned to shock…and then disbelief…and then denial. After being absolutely assured that Trump won’t win…he won. That brings us to Michael Moore’s latest film Fahrenheit 11/9.  In where he tries to ask the question “How the fuck did this happen?” Well, I’m sorry to tell you, if you are watching this film expecting to get an answer to that question, you won’t get it. Because it’s not here.

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Now look, there is no point of pretending to be objective here, you know by now my libertarian views and I don’t pretend to hide it. Critics are hailing this film because let’s be honest, they hate Trump and they want Moore’s vision of America which is not America’s vision of America, I’ll get to that in a second. Now, Michael Moore is no stranger to targeting Republicans with his films.

Fahrenheit 11/9 is essentially the unofficial sequel to Fahrenheit 9/11, a film that Moore released in 2004 with the same goal at mind, attack the current Republican administration with the hopes of weaponizing that year’s elections. Unfortunately for Moore, the plan didn’t work in 2004 as George W. Bush was re-elected over Democrat John Kerry and the Republicans actually gained seats in the House and the Senate despite intense ‘resistance’ from Democrats. Now he is back with a film in which he hopes not to repeat the same results with the upcoming 2018 midterm elections.

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Most people are going to make the mistake that this is a pro-Democrat film or a pro-Liberal film, it is neither. This is a pro-Democratic Socialist film. This is a pro-Marxist film. Michael Moore attacks the Democrat party for not being all in on his vision of America, which is the vision of Karl Marx. What you will spot early on is the main problem with this film is that it basically requires you to have no prior knowledge of what he is talking about. Because if you do, you will notice right away the hypocrisy of Moore’s own arguments. So much so that Moore on more than one occasion debunks his own arguments throughout the duration of the film.

Now in a film that supposes to be about President Trump, I regret to inform you that this movie really has next to nothing to do with Trump whatsoever. Sure Moore takes his shots at the president but the subject matter has nothing to do with him at all. In an odd decision, Michael Moore decides to focus the majority of this film covering the Flint water crisis in Michigan. You’ll notice the way this film is presented, Moore will focus on an issue like the Flint water crisis but will ignore any context that debunks his narrative, unless he debunks it himself. In this case, Moore single handily blames the governor of Michigan for the Flint crisis and there is a reason why that is the case. It’s because Rick Snyder is the only Republican in a sea of leftism that is the state of Michigan.

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When you look deeper into Michigan, you will see extremely poor cities like Detriot and Flint that have been in the pocket of the Democrat party for decades and the living conditions have only gotten severely worse during that time period. Moore himself will tell you on Twitter that Democrats have controlled the city of Flint for over 80 years, this film doesn’t bring up a single Democrat member of leadership in the entire state, instead choosing to put the blame all on the governor and of course, Moore’s favorite target…the corporations. Now while omitting the local government’s role in the water crisis, Moore decides to highlight the living conditions in Flint but doesn’t spend any time discussing how they got there.

This leads to one of Moore’s most glaring omissions, the auto bailouts and how the 2008 financial crisis crippled these communities. Of course, this is by design because discussing this very important part of history, he would have to discuss why his own state of Michigan has slowly been turning red since 2008 which includes the election and re-election of the Governor he blames for all of Michigan’s problems in the first place. It’s pretty hard to blame all of your state’s problems on Republicans and then explain how Republicans won the state for the first time in 30 years.

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Telling half a story becomes a theme in this film as Moore’s chooses one of the most baffling targets to make his progressive/anti-capitalism argument…the state of West Virginia. The film makes it look like that West Virginia’s biggest problem is that teachers aren’t not making enough money. In reality, the myth of “teachers not being paid enough” is one that is constantly pushed by teacher unions. Moore makes the point that West Virginia teachers receive the 5th lowest pay on average but of course, never gives you the exact numbers of how much that is and how that amount compares to the cost of living in the state.

But the reason why choosing West Virginia is baffling is because Moore completely ignores the fact that the state voted overwhelmingly for Republicans in the last few election cycles because Democrats and leftists like Moore himself have fought hard to bring down the coal industry which is an industry that a large majority of the people of West Virginia depend on…similar to the auto industry in Michigan but again, don’t expect Moore to bring any of this up.

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When Moore blames the NRA for the Parkland shooting, don’t expect him to bring up the fact that the Obama Administration looked at Broward County’s arrests of teens and felt like too many Blacks and Hispanics were being arrested and expelled for violence. Leading to the country sheriffs changing the way they handled troubled students. This policy led to arrest of students going down meaning that certain kids who had the police called on them an alarming number of times would not have an arrest record that would set off a federal background check that even the FBI admitted they dropped the ball on…nope, NRA’s fault.

Moore constantly brings up these so-called threats to democracy. Moore uses numerous strawmen polls to make the case that America is actually far left and that the constitution undermines democracy. This point is easily debunked by one simple fact…we are NOT a democracy. We are a constitutional republic. And before you make the case we are a representative democracy, Moore continues to undercut his own message but making the case that the electoral college needs to be abolished, you know, the representative democracy. While Moore cites in his own film that Democrats only control a small handful of capitals in the country, he believes the electoral college should be abolished so that these small handfuls of democrat run cities can make decision for the overwhelming majority of the nation, thus justifying why we need the electoral college in the first place.

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The rest of the film is structured with either Moore playing numerous soundbites of Donald Trump often with no context at all and making some laughable assumptions that I’m shocked no one on his team called him out on. Some of those assumptions include claiming the media actually helped Trump win the election and had a bias against Hillary Clinton (no I’m not just talking about Fox News here). He also claims that outlets like the New York Times have a Republican bias, Trump never wanted to win and was upset when he did (Despite that fact it was Hillary who no-showed on election night), corporations are admitting ethnic cleansing of black people because…Capitalism, The Parkland students ‘single handily’ organized The March For Our Lives rallies with a ‘grassroots’ movement, AR-15s are military grade weapons, and of course, Donald Trump is leading us to fascism because he ditched the Paris Accords and the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Now if you have made it this far into the review you may have noticed, I haven’t really talked that much about Trump in a film that is about Trump. That’s because this film is not about Trump. Trump is simply Michael Moore’s tool to make a case for his political endgame, and that is a Marxist/Communist society. Moore conducts interviews with numerous members of the Democratic Socialists of America including the new progressive darling, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The same woman while on CNN couldn’t even explain how she will pay for the 40 Trillion dollar price tag of free stuff.  People like Michael Moore, the 50 Million Dollar Marxist doesn’t know how we are ever going to pay for any of this stuff but he knows one thing, Capitalism has to go if they are going to achieve it.

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While Moore, of course, uses Nazi imagery to scare you into a reaction that the worst possible thing that can happen to a country is Nazism, in reality, the worst possible thing that can happen to a country is trying to turn it into the vision set forward by Karl Marx. Don’t believe me? Progressives have long argued that Marx was right about capitalism and it’s oppressive nature. They believe that only a nation controlled by the people (the state) is where a country can truly thrive. However, you don’t have to look no further than this very film to prove why Marx’s vision never works everytime it is tried. Moore gushes over a country that was once known as a liberal utopia equipped with such things as universal health care, education, workers rights and the most intelligent people in the world. What was this Liberal utopia that Moore speaks of…Germany…in the 1930s.

Marxism, when practiced, is the perfect condition for an individual to abuse the powers that are rewarded to him by the state to oppress the people of a nation. Which is why nearly every time someone in power tries to achieve a vision of a country that was inspired directly by Marx, misery, and death is always the final outcome. In the minds of people like Michael Moore, there are only two sides, Fascism and Communism.

While Moore spends much of this movie making backhanded remarks about our nations constitution, the real reason for his despise of the founding document isn’t about some quest for equality, it’s because the constitution is not only a safeguard against fascism, it’s also a safeguard against communism too. While Moore will point to Germany in order to show that constitutional safeguards don’t work, he also won’t mention how the purpose of the 2nd amendment is a literal and direct safeguard against government tyranny, mainly because not only does he not support the constitution as a Marxist. He doesn’t believe in “God-given” natural rights, he only believes in “government-given” rights of the collective which can be given or taken away by a government (but Moore is warning YOU about fascism.

All in all, if you watched this film to get a strong sense of why Trump won, you aren’t going to get it here. The only impactful case Moore makes against Trump is that he has an unhealthy obsession with his daughter, but you didn’t have to sit through 130 minutes of Marxist propaganda to come to that conclusion.

People like Trump won because people like Moore hitch the direction of this country on the back of Bernie Sanders and not America. As Michael Moore says in his own words “The America I want to save is an America we’ve never had”. The America that Moore wants is an American that throws away its liberty and freedom for government-run safety and prosperity. I say, let Moore’s own example of 1930s Germany be the warning, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.




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