You have to believe they were expecting more…

20th Century Fox’s new film The Predator finished #1 at the box office with 24 million dollars in the US and Worldwide opening of 54.7 Million. While that sounds good on paper, that number is far below what the film needed to be considered a success. With a production budget of 90 million dollars, the film is likely to break even but won’t be a big enough draw to proceed forward with future plans. What didn’t help the film’s chances were negative reviews of the movie and the behind the scenes scandal going into it. The film is currently sitting at a 34% on Rotten Tomatoes with critics and 51% with audiences meaning it was reviewed unfavorably by all moviegoers.

There was also the ugly story about director Shane Black hiring a registered sex offender for a role that got the attention of the film’s star Olivia Munn leading to the studio pulling the scene out completely. Munn then proceeded to go on the press tour explaining that her decision to tell the studio caused a backlash with her and the cast of the film. Whatever the case is, this is not what the studio wanted for their franchise. Before the film’s release, there were talks of having Shane Black direct two more Predators film in the future but with this weak box office performance and the controversy surrounding the director, you have to believe those plans are subject to chance.



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