Debra Messing Melts Down Over Susan Sarandon’s Comments About Trump

There is a reason you always read the article before you get outraged about a news piece because there is less of a chance of you looking like an idiot. Actress Debra Messing went on a Twitter tirade against fellow progressive actress Susan Sarandon because she allegedly said something positive about Trump.

In a tweet sent out by Variety, the magazine conducted an interview with Sarandon in where President Trump was mentioned. The tweet sent out the quote from Susan saying “Donald Trump has, if anything, inspired more women and people of color to run for office.”

This did NOT go over well with Debra Messing. Messing blasted Sarandon in a series of tweets that can only be described as a meltdown.

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Sarandon who is a Bernie Sanders supporter got massive heat in Hollywood for refusing to support Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election and instead opting to vote for Jill Stein. Now if you actually listen to Susan’s comments, it wasn’t pro-Trump. Sarandon said that Trump has unintentionally energized women and minorities to run for office. The credit she was giving Trump was not a positive one. Susan calmly responded to Debra with an even-keeled smackdown

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