Snoop Dogg Attacks The Wrong MMA Fighter For Supporting Donald Trump

In one of the most bizarre and arguably most embarrassing stories of the year, rapper Snoop Dogg who has been extremely vocal against President Donald Trump and ANYONE who supports him went on a verbal tirade last Saturday against an MMA fighter for his support of the President, there is just one problem…Snoop went after the wrong fighter.

Last Saturday night at UFC 228, UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley defeated challenger Darren Till via submission in the 2nd round of his championship fight. During the fight on Instagram, Snoop took to the service to go on a bizarre profanity-laced rant against the fighter including racially charged insults and screaming “Fuck Donald Trump” and “Wakanda forever!”

The only problem is, Darren Till is not an open Trump supporter, as a matter of fact, he’s not even American. The verbal tirade against the Liverpool born fighter was confusing to most until they realized, Snoop Dogg confused Till with the Interm UFC Welterweight Championship Colby Covington who wasn’t even on the card for the show but who IS a vocal supporter of the President.

Till responded to Snoop Dogg’s insults in an Instagram post of his own where he made it known, he did not appreciate the comments.

“Snoop Dogg, you’re a fucking bitch,” Till wrote. “Fuck you!”

But Colby Covington had his own response to the 46-year-old rapper. After discovering that the anti-Trump comments were actually made for him, Covington responded to the rapper directly on social media. He responded by saying “Hey Calvin! Why did you delete my comment?! I didn’t know gangster rappers lived in safe spaces! Trading in that Gin & Juice for that California Soy! Get used to @realdonaldtrump being your President for another 6.5 years homie! #greatamericanwinningmachine #MAGA “

Colby Covington is rumored to have his next fight against the champ Tyron Woodley in the near future, maybe this time Snoop can actually insult the right fighter instead making a complete fool of himself.

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