Disney Will Not Bring Back James Gunn But Will Use His Script For Guardians Vol. 3

In an exclusive report by Variety, despite weeks of furious lobbying for James Gunn to be rehired as the director of Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3 following thousands of tweets that involved subject matter of rape and pedophilia, Disney stands firm in their decision to remove him as their director but insists that they will use his script for the third installment. The decision became official following a meeting between Gunn and studio chairman Alan Horn. During the meeting, Gunn and his UTA reps pushed hard for him to be given a second chance, and Horn decided to take the meeting but only as a courtesy to clear the air with Gunn. Though the meeting was described as civil and professional, sources say that Horn stood by his decision to not reinstate Gunn as director.

The decision comes after weeks of support for Gunn to return to the film by the entire Guardians cast and even Marvel president Kevin Feige. On Saturday, photos of James Gunn resurfaced attending a ‘How to Catch a Predator’ pedophile themed party from his website but there is no indication that these photos factored into the decision. Disney and Marvel will continue the search for a new director for Guardians 3. The film is expected to go into production at the start of 2019, and sources have stressed that Gunn’s original script will be used for the next film. This means that despite the fact that Gunn will not be directing the film, he will still receive writing and producing credits for it.

The script was a major sore point for actor Dave Bautista who threaten to quit the franchise if it wasn’t used. Actor Chris Pratt stated yesterday in the interview with the Associated Press Tuesday that he stands behind social media posts hoping that Gunn could be reinstated for the next movie. “It’s not an easy time. We all love James and he’s a good friend of ours, but we also really love playing the Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s a complicated situation for everybody. And you know, we just want to move forward and do what’s right and be the best people we can be,”

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