Celebrities Use Racial Slurs To Attack Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott For Supporting The National Anthem

Los Angeles rapper The Game posted on Instagram a racial slur against Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. One week after the player said he would never disrespect the country by protesting during the national anthem.

Prescott was also attacked by Actor/Comedian D.L. Hughley who used the racial epithet of ‘boy’ to attack Prescott for his stance.

I understand you want to make your money,” he said on his radio show. “You could have said nothing, but you chose to speak for the master. You chose to speak for the master. And I say this — it’s perfect for that two players who would speak up for the Cowboys owner, at least you got the ’boy’ part right.”

Despite the backlash over his comments, Prescott is standing by his criticism of the protests.

“I am not oblivious to it,” Prescott told the Star-Telegram. “You get on social media, you see it. It doesn’t bother me. I said what I said. You have an opinion. Everyone else has an opinion. They are entitled to it as well. I accepted what they said and respect it. They should respect mine.”

Fox Sports 1’s Jason Whitlock praised Prescott’s courage to speak out in favor of standing for the National Anthem:

“I think Dak Prescott speaks for 97 percent of the players,” said Whitlock on “Speak for Yourself.” “I think there’s a loud minority on social media and a handful of NFL players and DeMaurice Smith who are pushing this because it’s good for their brand building, it’s good chaos, it keeps them in the news. But, Dak Prescott has stepped out here on a limb and been a real leader. I hope other guys follow in behind him because he’s just talking common sense. Take action. Gestures just are not nearly as important as people think, particularly when you’re talking about multimillionaires in the NFL. They need to be beyond gestures.”

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