Steven Crowder Calls Out Jessi Cape After Austin Chronicle Hit-Piece

Conservative comedian Steven Crowder called up and literally called out Austin Chronicle writer Jessi Cape for misleading and misrepresenting him an article covering a recent incident with individual who targeted him online. In an article posted last Friday titled ‘JuiceLand Employee Harassed by Right-Wing Comedian’ the writer claims that Crowder aggressively harassed a transgender individual for ‘alleged’ comments she made on her social media accounts. The article then goes on to claim that Crowder was responsible for doxxing the individual in question which led to ‘aggressive calls to action’ from the alt-right community. The problem with this story is, not only are the details not true but after a phone conversation with Jessi Cape herself, it seems like she had no interest or intention in reporting the truth.

The article in question goes out of its way to state that “We are intentionally not embedding or linking to the video.” The problem with this is the video itself provides far more context to the story than the article reported and it seems like that omission was by design.

The original video which is posted above shows that the individual in question indeed admitted to a threat to find Crowder’s filming location and slash his tires which were cited by Crowder in a billboard that was submitted to police on his behalf for a report that is currently ongoing. This small bit of information changes the context of the story of ‘alleged behavior’ but that isn’t the only problem here.

The article contains many false claims that Jessi Cape seemed to have little to no interest in wanting to correct. In a phone conversation between Cape and Crowder that was recently posted on Steven’s Youtube channel, Crowder attempts to address many issues he had about the story she wrote. Cape claims she attempted to contact Crowder for questioning but is shown to have only contacted an outlet at CRTV which Steven has a partnership with but it not employed by. He proceeds to calls her out for calling him ‘alt-right’ despite stating on many occasions, he is not alt-right nor advocates for National Socialism. Cape defended this by saying that ‘alt-right’ is an ‘umbrella term’ and feels justified in using it even if Crowder does not identify as alt-right ‘in his opinion’.

Crowder then proceeds to accuse Cape of being an activist and not a journalist in which Cape gets very defensive and refuses to acknowledge any of Crowder’s complaints about the article. Unlike the Austin Chronicle, the full video of this conversation is posted below for you formulate your own opinion on who was in the right and who was in the wrong.

So the question of the day, when does one stop being a journalist and start becoming an activist?

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17 thoughts on “Steven Crowder Calls Out Jessi Cape After Austin Chronicle Hit-Piece

  1. Very nice article – honestly found this whole situation so silly. Although it seems there are some gramatical errors within this piece at this time, all and all it is well written. Thank you for actually providing the video in this article – I wasn’t aware that omitting evidence that an article is giving their own evidence on is deemed satisfactry journalism haha

  2. TOTAL BULLSHIT: Watch the video, he peacefully confronted them to ask these clowns why they were threatening violence against him and than talked to the police. These pieces of trash at juiceland were clearly in the wrong and you fake news idiots paint him as the bad guy.
    Watch the actual video to see how bad these fake news pos are lying

      1. She’s taking a shit on the activists who call themselves journalists. Not you guys.

  3. Good article, to answer the question. Youre no longer a journalist when you write an article with am agenda, and misrepresent infromation, leave all vital infromation or just out right lie. All three of these Jessi Cape did. Shes no journalist and has no credibility.

  4. I think she can most definitely tell the difference between the two and chose Alt-Right specifically of the connotation it carries, many consider the Alt-Right being those who marched in Charlotesville with tiki torches chanting anti Semitic rhetoric. It was very clear she wanted to paint the picture to her readers that Crowder has been cut from the same cloth to silence his opinions and stifle facts.

    I also find it fascinating how the left demands that people refer to trans gendered by the specific names and descriptors they choose but Crowder routinely denied being in any way associated with the Alt-Right and she simply says that’s his opinion. So much for respecting how people choose to define themselves.

    1. I noticed that as well. In some states you can get fined (freedom of speech lawsuits will be pending) up to $250,000 for “mis-pronouning” someone’s gender. All 81of them…I’m sure that law will be applied fairly and in NO WAY weaponized against conservatives.

  5. She a food writer with interests in sustainability. Oh give me a break. That pretty well says it all – stick to the food lady and stop trying to save the world on tran at a time.

  6. I don’t like Crowder because he is still cucky when it comes to Zionism and Israel BUT I give him a lot of credit for this action against the mentally ill person making terrorist threats (imagine this was a White employee making such threats against non-Whites – what has Juiceland done about this location which seems to be a haven for degenerates?)

    1. Alex,

      Did you ever consider you may be the cucky one sucking on the BDS teet? Crowder is a smart guy. Perhaps he didn’t swallow all the spoonfed BS that demonizes the only democracy in the Middle East. Wake up!

  7. I appreciate that he actually confronts these people in a peaceful way. I can’t even say he made Jessi Cape look like a fool. She did that all on her own with her delusional outlook on her article.

  8. You have some grammatical errors in the long headline.
    I’m typing this before even reading the article itself, so I have no idea if you have them there too.
    …yeah, this is a couple years later but I only saw his video now and her article. LOL

    1. CORRECTION to my above comment (since I can’t edit it or delete it):
      It was your subheadline (or highlighted first paragraph), not the regular headline.

    2. Ok, I read your article now.
      There were even more grammar errors but the good news is that the CONTENT of the article was ACTUAL journalism, and even more importantly IT WAS CORRECT…well done! (notwithstanding the incorrect grammar, lol;)

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