University of Tulsa Professor Accuses Youtube’s ‘Hot Ones’ Of Sexism

Nothing is safe, everything you enjoy is now subject to accusations of oppression and discrimination. A YouTube show that challenges celebrity contestants to eat increasingly spicy chicken wings is now being criticized as sexist by a Tulsa media-studies professor. According to a professor of Feminist media studies at the University of Tulsa, the YouTube show Hot Ones is problematic because it “manipulates inequitable gender hierarchies.”

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Professor Emily J. H. Contois wrote in a paper titled “The spicy spectacular: food, gender, and celebrity on Hot Ones,” published in the journal Feminist Media Studies, where she says the show “creates, maintains, and manipulates inequitable gender hierarchies through the interrelated performances of gender, food consumption, and celebrity.” That’s right, society doesn’t accept the idea of women eating spicy foods, and that is the reason that only eleven women have appeared as contestants on the show so far.

Women, she argues, know that they don’t really stand a chance on Hot Ones, because gender binaries “create power hierarchies by feminizing dainty, light, and sweet flavors and foods, eaten in small portions with restraint.” 

The paper goes on to claim that society conditions people to believe that “real men” are supposed to “seek out and conquer” spicy foods, and that “being the type of dude who loves hot sauce is part of performing conventional masculinity . . . through actions like disregarding risk and facing danger fearlessly.” Women, on the other hand, aren’t supposed to eat messy foods like wings, or to discuss topics such as the effects that spicy foods might have on their digestive tracts, because these topics are “often considered taboo for women to openly discuss, let alone as part of a celebrity persona” without adopting a sort of “cool girl” persona, which some women might not want to do.

Laugh now…this person is teaching your kids

Libertarian reporter Kat Timpf goes into more details of her argument here but the mindblowing thing about this nonsense is the fact that this is coming from a University Professor not a random Twitter account or man on the street. Are we getting so insane as a society that we can’t even enjoy people eating hot wings for our enjoyment anymore…yes…yes we are.

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2 thoughts on “University of Tulsa Professor Accuses Youtube’s ‘Hot Ones’ Of Sexism

  1. Maybe they have reached out to celebrity women and they have declined the invitation?

    Ah yes of course. This show is totally sexist… right…

    Just a month ago, they had actress-turned-feminism-activist and champion of misandry, Natalie Portman, on there.

  2. I can see that University of Tulsa is going to be suffering a downward spiral in admissions now.

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