Progressive ‘Check-Boxing’ Is Killing Entertainment

It was two years ago during the ‘controversy’ we now know as “#OscarsSoWhite” which was the jumping off point of progressive check-boxing, a problem that is destroying the film industry (among others) as we know it. What is progressive check-boxing you ask? We’ll let’s go back to 2015 to better understand. Progressives decided the academy awards had a ‘diversity’ problem because all 20 actors nominated in the lead and supporting acting categories were white and that was unacceptable.

Because films like Creed and Straight Outta Compton weren’t nominated for academy awards, the most prestigious award given in the film industry for excellence in all aspects of filmmaking, celebrities such as Spike Lee, Michael Moore, Jada Pinkett Smith, and others protested the academy because there weren’t enough people of color nominated for the awards. Even then-President Barack Obama called for more representation in front of and behind the camera. Now on face value, this sounds like an innocent plea “How come there aren’t more black actors being nominated for awards?” What has been created from this plea, however, is a nonstop culture of identity politics, race-baiting, and professional victimhood that is slowly killing everything you love.

An award is supposed to be a selection of the top 5 people in a said category who delivered the best performance of that year. In other words, awards are based on merit, not representation (sans popularity contests). It’s basically a competition, during the course of the year, people compete to put out the best product or performance and at the end of that year, only the very best are considered for the honor. Sometimes that means a person of color get the nod, and sometimes they don’t, that’s the art of competition. What progressives are calling for is not competition, its check-boxing where the focus isn’t based on the quality of the field but appearances, gender, and disabilities.

The central problem of submitting to the progressive mob when it comes to issues of diversity is the fact that no matter what you do, it is never enough. You see, this was never about one award, it was about using diversity as a weapon to radically change any industry they see fit. When you actually stop and listen to the demands of the mob, you realize that there is no endgame to their agenda. Before you have even fixed the problem that the mob originally complained about, they are already making new demands on behalf of someone who views themselves as an underrepresented victim.

Case in point, Let’s take a look at the new Marvel film Ant Man and The Wasp. Marvel Comics has already become ground zero of a progressive hostile takeover in the industry. But in this current era of #TimesUp, women in the film industry have been making calls for more representation because they feel the field is ‘too male’. Before the Academy could even fully address the complaints of not enough black people nominated in the acting categories, you had progressive women demanding more representation in non-acting categories.

“We need more female directors, we need more female screenwriters, we need more female cinematographers” During the last Hollywood awards season, actresses Natalie Portman and Emma Stone took shots at their male counterparts because they felt women were not represented enough in certain gender nonspecific fields. Disney attempted to comply with those demands by not only giving the female character of The Wasp, top billing in their latest Marvel Cinematic Universe film, but the villain of the movie is a bi-racial female named Ghost, who even as a villain is portrayed in a positive light. Progress right?

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That is according to Progressive news outlet The Daily Beast who recently published the article Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ and Hollywood’s Misunderstanding of Disability. You read that right, the article is now complaining about the lack of disabled characters in films in a movie that is simultaneously being celebrated for its diversity of women. The subtitle reads ONE STEP FORWARD, TWO STEPS BACK:

“Ant-Man and the Wasp’s treatment of disability will go under the radar. But in a landscape where disability remains marginalized, particularly for women of color (and people of color in general), a character like Ava could have helped opened the door.”

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No matter how progressive and diverse you try to be, a new group of victims will show up and demand their piece of the pie. We started by demanding more awards for people of color. Then it became more feature roles for women in front of and behind the camera. Then we had people complaining this week that women were stealing roles from transgender people. Now we have calls for more people with disabilities (because now having a disability is a form of oppression). It has gotten to the point where people are even complaining about the lack of diversity in movie critics because it’s “too male and too white” for progressives.

“We need more black people, we need more women, we need more gay people, we need more Transgenders, we need more disabled people, we need more fat superheroes, we need more effeminate men, we need more biracial child drag queens”

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Progressive check-boxing is not just killing the film industry, it’s killing entertainment in general. There are two things you don’t do when you want to run a successful business. First, don’t produce a bad product and secondly, never attack the consumer. When progressives get a hold of an industry, they immediately inject their politics into it, destroying the quality of the product and then they demonize you if you object to it, driving away the consumer.

“Go Woke, Go Broke” is becoming a sad reality every day. Whether it’s the gaming industry, the comic book industry, the film industry, sports and so on. Progressives simply don’t understand that the free market does not want to pay money for lectures on social justice. Or they simply don’t care because, in the mind of a person who hates Capitalism, the agenda is far more important than the money.

It doesn’t look like we have seen the end or even the worst of this trend. As new reports and studies from the Media, Diversity, & Social Change (MDSC) Initiative looks to find more segments of the entertainment that lack the quota of diversity almost everyday, we are going to see more attacks on outlets that don’t have enough overweight, gender fluid, pansexual, biracial, democratic socialists with lower back problems.

The longer that progressives use identity politics to tell us what we want instead of giving us what we want which is compelling stories, entertaining characters, and our piece of escapism, the fewer ears they will have to lecture into…and then what? When do we go back to be entertained and stop looking for victims? In today’s progressive Hollywood industry? No time soon.


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9 thoughts on “Progressive ‘Check-Boxing’ Is Killing Entertainment

  1. You just noticed? I stopped watching TV in the UK nearly 20 years ago, as I was sick to death of being portrayed as evil, stupid and rapey, next to the so-smart and all-round wonder women and wise Negroes etc etc. I’ve since moved to Asia, and having seen the same filth, because that’s what it is, filth, creeping into Asian TV I stopped watching that too. I can’t remember the last time I bought a PC game or PS game, for the same reason. Men already pay ALL the tax (women are a net loss for tax money), why pay these scum to attack me? Just walk away. MGTOW.

  2. Don’t forget the “inclusion rider” being pushed for all crew as well….

    And no, I don’t think this is something we need to be turning into national issues of importance, because it’s not. The very basic idea of entertainment is to be entertained, and that often mean the prettiest of people doing impossible things that have no actual connection to real life. Real life is what most of us are trying to escape. There is no upside in forcing representation of every human type into entertainment vehicles, unless the focus of this entertainment is to highlight those things which sure as hell isn’t entertaining to me.

    The problem is, Hollywood is taking itself way too seriously and fancies itself as something that should steer society and try to solve all it’s problems. That’s dumb.

  3. There is such a focus on the ‘right groups of people’ being represented these days, that when you have an all female cast, or an all black cast, etc, that it immediately feels like a gimmick. Look at new Ghostbusters, or the new Oceans film.

    When everything becomes rape, you never know if someone has actually been raped. When everyone is called a racist, you don’t actually believe anyone is in the end. It’s the boy who cried wolf.

    They’ve become so obsessed with their message that they have made us all start to question whether or not there is any sincerity in what we see.

    Films used to be cast based on talent, and whether or not the person was right for the role. More and more often these days, we see cries for ‘inclusion’ no matter what. Oftentimes, these make no sense. People getting upset at the lack of women in Dunkirk for example.

    Look at Dice and the Battlefield games of late. Battlefield 1 made a big hooha about there being black people in the game. Battlefield V is now making a similar noise about there being women. Inclusiveness for the sake of it.

    As the article says, the more you give them, the more they want. It’s a pointless war. Don’t give in. They will hate everything you do no matter what it is, because they are incapable of making something themselves.

  4. LMAO! That quote sounds like some parody of an SJW because it is trying to cover so much opression detector points it’s hilarious. Here’s the original version of the quote:

    “….disability remains marginalized, particularly for women of color (and people of color in general [and God forbid if you belong to the LGBTQ community {not to mention it is the biggest weight for anyone who is a leftist}), a character like Ava could have helped opened the door.”

  5. LMAO! The quote sounds like some parody of an SJW because it is trying to cover so much opression detector points it’s hilarious. Here’s the original version of the quote:

    “….disability remains marginalized, particularly for women of color (and people of color in general [and God forbid if you belong to the LGBTQ community {not to mention it is the biggest weight for anyone who is a leftist}), a character like Ava could have helped opened the door.”

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