Aquaman Actress Amber Heard Posts Hilariously Racist Tweet

When virtue signaling goes wrong…

Actress Amber Heard is coming under heavy fire and being accused of making a “racist joke” on Twitter. In an attempt to take a shot President Donald Trump and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the Aquaman actress had a tweet hilariously backfire in more ways than one. She wrote

Really Amber? Why would all your Hollywood friends need to warn their housekeepers and nannies? Are you implying that your friends only hire illegal immigrants as their day laborers? That sounds very plantation of you, doesn’t it? Also, why would you assume that the Hispanic residents of Hollywood aren’t legal citizens? It didn’t take long for people to take Amber to task

This isn’t the first time someone from Hollywood has made the insertion that all Hispanics are housekeepers, day laborers, and illegals. Kelly Osbourne made the same point on The View years ago.

The ones who virtue signal the loudest about how not racist they are, tend to be the same ones with the most bigoted mindsets. Maybe if Amber knew more Hispanic people outside of the ones who cleans her toilet…Aquaman comes out in theaters December 21, 2018.

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One thought on “Aquaman Actress Amber Heard Posts Hilariously Racist Tweet

  1. Indeed hilarious. Kelly Osborn case was a bit different. She was trying to make Trump realize what it would the “ban of Hispanics” would mean for him and his mindset. Either way, it was amazing. The reaction of everyone and trying to explain herself brought me to tears.

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